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Reclusive Michael Richards reunites with Jerry Seinfeld on first red carpet in 8 years




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Michael Richards reunited with his longtime friend and co-star Jerry Seinfeld Tuesday night at the “Unfrosted” premiere, which served as the reclusive comedian’s first red carPet in eight years.

The “Seinfeld” alum, who portrayed the eccentric character Cosmo Kramer on the NBC sitcom, hugged Seinfeld, 70, before posing for photos with him and waving to fans.

michael richards and jerry seinfeld
Reclusive Michael Richards reunited with Jerry Seinfeld Tuesday night. FilmMagic
michael richards hugging jerry seinfeld
The comedian, who portrayed the eccentric character Cosmo Kramer on “Seinfeld,” supported Jerry at the “Unfrosted” premiere. WireImage
michael richards holding up a fist next to jerry seinfeld
It was the Richards’ first red carpet in eight years. AFP via Getty Images
jerry seinfeld and michael richards
The “Michael Richards Show” alum has remained out of the spotlight since his 2006 racist tirade. REUTERS

Richards, 74, looked sharp in clear-rimmed glasses and a gray suit, which he paired with a paisley button-down.

The “Problem Child” actor last reunited with his “Seinfeld” co-stars, with exception to Julia Louis-Dreyfus, in 2015 when Richards, Seinfeld and Jason Alexander attended the inaugural Los Angeles Fatherhood Initiative Lunch for Baby Buggy.

jerry seinfeld and michael richards filming "seinfeld"
Richards let out a series of racial slurs after being heckled by Hispanic and black audience members.
jerry seinfeld, jason alexander, julia louis dreyfus, michael richards sitting on a yellow cab trunk
He’ll discuss the “shameful” event in his forthcoming memoir, “Entrances and Exits.” ©Castle Rock Entertainment/Courtesy Everett Collection

Richards mostly has remained out of the spotlight since 2006 when he launched into a racist tirade during his stand-up set at the Laugh Factory. When a small group of Hispanic and black audience members began heckling him, Richards fired back with a series of racial slurs.

“Fifty years ago we’d have you upside down with a f–king fork up your ass,” Richards shouted before calling the man the N-word.

The “Michael Richards Show” alum will address the “shameful” outburst in his forthcoming memoir, “Entrances and Exits.”

In the tome, Richards explains the incident “drove him to a lifelong spiritual quest, one that would help him move forward from apology and accountability to a greater appreciation for our shared humanity, a quest that continues to this day almost eighteen years later,” according to publisher Permuted Press.

Richards’ memoir will also include a look at his tumultuous childhood being raised by a schizophrenic aunt and his time in the Army after being drafted in 1970.