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OpenAI x Reddit: Will This Deal Make ChatGPT Superior Than Other GenAI Chatbots?




You may recall how often we recommend against relying on the data from ChatGPT.

Throughout its developmental phase, OpenAI has had limited access to data libraries and hence, it often has to rely on dated libraries to train the AI model. In a space where rivals like Gemini and Grok have access to constantly updated data libraries from Google and X, respectively, OpenAI’s ChatGPT has faced a significant disadvantage.

A deal with Reddit, however, is about to change it all. OpenAI and Reddit have joined hands as part of a landmark deal to enable access to each other’s platforms. Going forward, ChatGPT will no longer be how we remembered it. With the new deal in place, ChatGPT should be better equipped to comPete with Google Gemini, X’s Grok and all other AI chatbots.

But could this new collaboration result in ChatGPT becoming the best of its kind in the Business? Could it help Reddit stand out as an open-forum-based platform for social media users? Let’s find out.

What is the OpenAI-Reddit deal?

The new partnership between OpenAI and Reddit essentially opens up their platforms to each other for improving the user experience on both ends.

For ChatGPT, it’s all about training their AI models

openai reddit
Image Credit: Courtesy Pexels and Unsplash/Emiliano Vittoriosi and Andrew Neel

As part of the deal, OpenAI gets to use the Reddit data for improving their AI models. The access to Reddit’s threads and posts will help in making the recently released GPT-4o and its future iterations smarter at learning conversation nuances and expanding the knowledge bank.

In theory, ChatGPT will be able to access and process information from millions of Reddit discussions. This should potentially help make its responses more comprehensive and informative.

How will this affect ChatGPT’s performance when compared to Gemini and Grok? Reddit has always encouraged deeper discussions on a wide range of topics across its millions of subreddits and threads. The exposure to a wide variety of discussions and posts is likely to help ChatGPT offer more meaningful and helpful insights to complex queries. The provision of Reddit links in queries should help add more value to the end-user experience.

Reddit befriends generative AI with this deal

It doesn’t stop there though. Reddit is also going to benefit from this deal by getting access to several generative AI features of the latest GPT models.

Although Reddit is yet to reveal the exact AI-based features it plans to bring for its community moderators and creators, we assume some popular Gen-AI features like suMMArising posts, helping with captions, suggestions of trending hashtags and more. We won’t be surprised if Reddit includes a new smart AI assistant for quickly accessing answers to general queries.

Additionally, the deal also allows OpenAI to advertise on Reddit. This should help the Sam Altman-led generative AI firm reach a wider audience for its products and research.

What about users’ privacy concerns?

openai reddit
Image Credits: RolfVan Root/Unsplash

That said, it remains to be seen how Reddit and OpenAI handle the brittle issue of privacy, something that has raised concerns across its users. As Reddit discussions will be open to an AI chatbot, will OpenAI build a secure system in place to prevent any sort of damage to personal privacy?

Moreover, will OpenAI be transparent in its data access policies for training the AI model?

We all need to wait to attain answers to these queries.

(Hero and Featured Image Credits: Brett Jordan via Unsplash)

This story first appeared on Augustman Singapore