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Old Sign Becoming a Timestamp Monument In New Paltz




You can't log on to social media or watch the news without hearing that this week we are marking the 4th anniversary of the world shutting down for COVID. On this day 4 years ago we couldn't have predicted how the world would change.

So here we are 4 years later and it seems we may be in a much different world than we were before COVID but the pre-COVID memories are stronger than ever. We all have reminders in our lives that take us back to 2020 before the shutdown.

None though may be so prominent as the one you can't miss in New Paltz on Main Street.

Joe's East West Sign in New Paltz, New York Still Advertises the Bull Night

You can drive through New Paltz without seeing it. To some, it may seem to be just a billboard for an upcoming event. For those of us who live in New Paltz, it is the most visible reminder that the world is different and the day it all changed. I am willing to make it permanent.

I don't think you can ever take it down


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The marquee sign for Joe's East West in New Paltz that reads:


Amazingly, not one single letter has gone missing 4 years later and it stands as a monument to the week we flipped the script to a world with COVID. The popular nightclub closed that week and never re-opened leaving us all to wondering if the Bull will ever be back.

At this point, I don't see how you can ever remove the sign. It has become a visible monument to the week the world closed. It draws people into conversations and allows us to reflect on both the great times so many of us had at Joe's and how we have moved on since the pandemic. Plus it leaves hope that Joe's might actually open again.

Should Joe's East West Open Again in New Paltz, New York

I am going to venture a guess that if someone did manage to kick open the doors to Joe's East West again bull or no bull people would pack the place just to be there again at the bar with a beer and on the dance floor.

They might also be wearing their BULL CANCELED t-shirts.

Joe's EASTWEST via Facebook / Ricka Wads
Joe's EASTWEST via Facebook / Ricka Wads

I am basing this information on the response I am seeing on social media today which is reminding us about the sign. It seems people are having fun with the idea that the "Bull" is canceled this week. The comments are both comical and nostalgic.

For those of you who didn't get your shirt when a girl named Ricka first debuted the shirt last year when she drew attention to the 3rd anniversary and the sign, there is good news.

Apparently, there is talk about the shirts hopefully being available for purchase again soon possibly in a New Paltz shop.

Ricka Wads
Ricka Wads
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