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Nomi Ansari talks clients with unrealistic requests




Pakistani fashion designer Nomi Ansari recently graced the set of the popular show Hasna Mana Hai, where he offered insights into the world of fashion, Business, and the intricacies of catering to a diverse clientele. Ansari, celebrated for his exquisite designs and keen eye for detail, provided a candid glimpse into the challenges and expectations faced by both designers and clients alike.

In a revealing moment during the show, Ansari shared a fascinating anecdote about the desires of his clientele, particularly regarding their aspirations to emulate Bollywood stars Deepika Padukone and Alia Bhatt. “Everyone wants to think of themselves as Alia Bhatt and Deepika,” he remarked, highlighting the widespread fascination with these iconic figures. However, he acknowledged the stark differences between mere desires and tangible realities.

“People want to look like them but their [body] structures, Lifestyle, and audiences, everything is different,” the fashion icon elaborated, shedding light on the complexities underlying such requests. Despite his proficiency and expertise, Ansari emphasised the importance of understanding and reconciling with these disparities. “We can turn them into Mahesh Bhatt, not Alia Bhatt,” he humorously quipped.

As one of Pakistan's foremost designers, Ansari's words carry weight within the fashion industry, offering valuable commentary into the nuanced dynamics at play. In 2020, the fashion maven designed uniforms for the crew of AirSial, a domestic airline.

Ansari, who has remained outspoken about PR companies exploiting his status, expressed his frustration regarding the many packages he received for free promotions in 2021. He went on to ask such PR personnel to “stop harassing him” if he has chosen not to post pictures of the ‘gifts’ they sent him out of their own free will.

Taking to his Insta stories, the designer penned down, “Dear PR Companies, simple request, not to send me PR packages if you are sending them for me to post pictures of, or just delete me off the list and make things easier for yourself and me.” He continued, “Please do not send me anything with the entitlement that I will be posting it. And especially, do not harass me constantly over WhatsApp and phone calls for free promotional posts.”

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