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My Visit To The Best Library In The World In Helsinki, Finland




This afternoon I had the opportunity to visit the best library in the world in Helsinki, Finland.

It was interesting to see the library of the country with the best education system in the world.

After visiting the Helsinki Central Library Oodi and seeing, learning, and marveling at the architecture, I made a point of saying, “Let me share with some of you.”

Although it was a wonderful experience that provided me with much inspiration and food for thought, the chilly weather prevented me from staying for very long.

My Visit To The Best Library In The World In Helsinki, Finland
My Visit To The Best Library In The World In Helsinki, Finland

Collins WeGlobe, a Travel reporter for Mandy News, was at the Helsinki Central Library in Oodi on Wednesday, November 16, 2022. Here’s my experience.

My Visit To The Best Library In The World In Helsinki, Finland
My Visit To The Best Library In The World In Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki Central Library Oodi

The ALA Architects-designed Helsinki Central Library Oodi is covered with a sizable open-plan reading room under an undulating ceiling perforated by circular skylights.

The design of the country’s national principal library, by ALA Architects, intends to “embrace technology and modern principles to provide a variety of new services alongside its lending collection of books.”

However, there aren’t that many books in the 17,250-square-meter structure. (100,000), with the majority of space devoted to public facilities such as movie theaters, recording studios, large-format printing and 3-D printing, computers, meeting spaces, a maker space, a playground, and lots of quiet spaces for reflection in addition to spaces for holding exhibitions and events.

The building is located in the center of Helsinki, just a short distance from the main train station, and is almost entirely made up of public space. It provides a wide range of services, many of which are completely free.

It serves as the excellent public library network’s new hub in the city. The building’s functions are separated into three distinct levels by its design: a lively ground floor, a serene top floor, and an enclosed volume in the middle that houses the more specialized operations.

Oodi is home to the National Audiovisual Institute’s Kino Regina movie theater, the National Audiovisual Institute’s Helsinki Info information center, the Europa Experience center for EU-related information, and Playground Loru, in addition to the library operations and the café and restaurant.

My Visit To The Best Library In The World In Helsinki, Finland
My Visit To The Best Library In The World In Helsinki, Finland

My Experience At The Library

A visit to the library is always beneficial for learning, especially when it comes to the best in the world and in a nation with the best Educational system.

A library is an interesting place for people of all ages to hang out.

Similar to this, going to a library can help you learn more about the world.

Whether it’s the gorgeous study space at your university or the neighborhood branch in your town, libraries encourage feelings of productivity.

History abounds in libraries. As a result, history can be thoroughly learned. We can discover more about knowledge, technology, and current events. I had the chance to go to a library.

On Wednesday, November 16, 2022, I went to pay a visit to the best library in the world, located in Helsinki, Finland. 

I decided to visit the library a few days ago, so I did. Earlier today, I got up, went to the barber to get my hair trimmed, came home to make lunch, and then rode the metro into Helsinki’s center.

My Visit To The Best Library In The World In Helsinki, Finland
My Visit To The Best Library In The World In Helsinki, Finland

First Floor

At the entrance, there was nothing like a gate fee. Numerous people were seated, as I observed. My attention was drawn to the stunning structures and a large signboard with a projector. I observed a few men playing chess at one of the several unoccupied tables that were still available. A lovely café bar can be found on the left side, just a few steps from the entrance gate. But even so, I think it’s expensive.

I started out by walking straight to the restaurant, which serves breakfast, seasonal lunch, snacks, and a variety of drinks, including coffee and wine.

As soon as I finished at the café, I walked to The National Audiovisual Institute (KAVI), which hosts frequent movie shows at the Kino Regina theater from Tuesday through Sunday.

I continued to feed my eyes and nose by smelling the wonderful aromas and observing the joyful expressions of the people within the building, then I walked to the entrance where the Helsinki City information desk and the interactive Europa Experience display are located.

The art that is displayed throughout the building’s floors then drew my attention. Either a media art installation or wall projections of media art are frequently seen in the entrance hall.

However, I learnt that Maijansali, a multipurpose hall, hosts a number of events each week. Although occasionally in other languages, the events are primarily in Finnish.

My Visit To The Best Library In The World In Helsinki, Finland
My Visit To The Best Library In The World In Helsinki, Finland

Second floor

I took my time feeding my eyes and soul on the first floor before declaring that I was done and that I should go on to the second floor.

When I got to the second floor, the uncivilized citizen in me burst out. The second floor signifies the modern library, and there are studios, Game rooms, and the urban workshop, where you can make new things and customize old ones, but I wasn’t permitted to take pictures.

The items I saw on the second floor caught my interest, and I fell in love with virtually everything there. Let me explain that it appears to be a location where new items are manufactured, such as phones and computers, and there were signs posted all over the place asking people not to take pictures.

The women who use wool to create various items, such as purses, clothing, and other items, are something I particularly enjoy about the second floor. I also appreciate how many people were reading in a relaxed manner while learning.

My Visit To The Best Library In The World In Helsinki, Finland
My Visit To The Best Library In The World In Helsinki, Finland

Third floor

After taking a walk around the second floor, I asked myself, “What am I doing here if I don’t have permission to take pictures?”

I then proceeded to the third floor because I came here to look and read books.

“Book Heaven” is the moniker given to the third floor, which is also the highest floor, of Helsinki’s Oodi Central Library.

After visiting the book heaven, I experienced tremendous happiness. It houses the collection of books and magazines that the library offers for free browsing and reading.

With a smile on my face, I was snapping photos and at the same time checking books when I stumbled across an area with a sign post asking librarians not to take pictures, and I assumed that’s where youngsters are put to sleep. I quickly made a U-turn and concentrated on my right side.

According to what I’ve learned, the library has more than 100,000 books for adults and children in various languages, along with over 180 magazines and 40 newspapers.

One lovely feature of the structure is that you can carry your book with you wherever you want to read it. There are numerous places to read throughout the floor, from the armchairs overlooking the Parliament House to the design sofas on the Art Rugs to the fairytale area in the children’s department with a secret entrance.

Another fantastic part of my experience is that you can bring your laptop because there is wifi available. You can also take a book or magazine to the café and read there while sipping coffee and eating something yummy.

It reads like a promotional piece throughout. I have to be honest and admit that these are my experiences.

An area for toddlers to play in peace is located in the children’s section at the northern end of the floor. The library has a large selection of board games that can be played, although taking photos there is not allowed.

The third floor is a great spot to get some sun and enjoy the view of the neighborhood’s vibrant cultural scene. The third floor houses the majority of the non-media art that is permanently housed at the library building.

My Visit To The Best Library In The World In Helsinki, Finland
My Visit To The Best Library In The World In Helsinki, Finland

Outside the library

I immediately left the third floor and proceeded to the outside library building, where there is a little basketball court and a large open outdoor play space.

My trip here was a wonderful experience. I discovered that public events are organized for the Kansalaistori area and the balcony of the Helsinki library.

They had stunning architecture all around, and I fell in love with them. The Helsinki Music Centre and Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma are right across from the library. It is just a short distance from the library building to Töölönlahti Park and Bay.

From this visit, I learned a few things regarding the importance of information. Before, I didn’t know much about Technology. However, I was able to learn more about Technology and libraries thanks to this tour.

I was quite happy as I saw the architecture and the interior of the structures. I gained a lot of knowledge on how to live as a family and act around others. Even though I was exhausted after a lengthy, chilly, five- or six-hour visit, I had a glad mind and had gained a wealth of knowledge. The knowledge I gained through going to the Helsinki library will always be vivid in my mind.

If you’re wondering how much I spent on this trip and the entry, I’ll be honest and say that everything was free, with the exception of the 5 euros and 30 cents I paid for the train from my house to the location.

Note: This post is for Educational purposes only, doesn’t have a hidden motive, and I wasn’t paid; rather, I’m doing this because it’s what I love.