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Christopher Buonanno running for Cranston City Council, city-wide




Christopher Edward Buonanno has announced his candidacy for the Cranston City Council. “Since I was a young boy, it has been a foregone conclusion that someday I was going to run for office to give back to my community through public service. The time has come. I am running for a seat on the Cranston City Council as a City-Wide Council candidate,” Buonanno said.

Buonanno, 39, is no stranger to Cranston’s political scene. Throughout the course of his entire life, he has been involved in several campaigns for members of both parties spanning 4 decades starting as a young child in 1986.

He is a former chairman of the Cranston Republican City Committee, serving as both Vice Chair of Operations, and chairperson overseeing three (3) elections where his party enjoyed electoral success. “During my leadership, our party won the council majority three times, won a mayoral re-election, and saw the election of Mayor Ken Hopkins in 2020.”

Buonanno has served on several local boards, commissions, and committees over the last twenty-five (25) years, even going back to when he was a middle school student at Bain Middle School. He was a four term Secretary and two term Treasurer of the St Mary’s Feast Society in Knightsville. Currently, Buonanno serves as a member and Chairperson of the Cranston Zoning Board of Review, a board on which he has served since 2017.

“I am hopeful that I can take my political and practical experience to the City Council.” Buonanno also said that a renewed sense of bipartisanship and teamwork also needs to return to the City Council to yield the best results for the city.

“I have always been very proud of my ability to work effectively with people throughout my involvement in community affairs. We need results for our citizens and taxpayers. I want to see Cranston thrive and continue to be rated the best place to live in Rhode Island, and among the 50 best places to live in the country.”

“We need fiscally responsible council members to hold the line on property taxes, expand sensible economic development for our tax base and help Businesses to flourish.”

“As a parent, I pledge to help ensure a strong modern school system that will prepare our children to lead the way in their future. And I pledge to ensure a safe, clean, and secure city. I want the Cranston we all know and love to continue to thrive for future generations.”

Buonanno continued, “I want to continue the strong momentum of progress and continued improvement our city has enjoyed, and I want my children to see Cranston as a shining city. As a council member I want to do my part to help Cranston continue to be the leader in quality of life for generations to come.”
Cranston Mayor Kenneth J. Hopkins expressed enthusiasm for Buonanno’s candidacy. “I have known Chris and his family for thirty years. His civic involvement in our city and his ability to work with people will help the Cranston City Council. I look forward to campaigning with Chris. He will be a watchdog for the taxpayers but will be a partner with me in promoting our city and preserving our neighborhoods and schools.”

About Chris Buonanno

Chris is a lifelong resident of Cranston, growing up on Laurel Hill Avenue and recently moving to Garden City. He graduated with Honors from Cranston High School East in 2002, He earned his Bachelor of Arts in Communications from Rhode Island College in 2010. During his college career he was heavily involved in Student Government, serving as Deputy Speaker, Secretary and the 40th President of the RIC Student Body. During this time, Chris was directly responsible for a budget of $2 million, and when his term as president was completed, RIC Student Government was left with the biggest surplus in its History.

He has been married for nearly 13 years to Kristen Buonanno (nee Della Torre) and they have two young daughters, Carmella and Caterina, and a poodle named Dino. He is employed full-time as a Supervisor for the State of Rhode Island, maintains his Real Estate License, and teaches a course part-time at CCRI.

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