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AKSU Student Video Goes Viral On Social Media



/ 7566 Views spotted a video that has been trending on social media.

People are currently discussing and sharing the video.

Before the video became viral, a Twitter user announced that he would be releasing it at midnight.

Many people have been surprised after watching the footage.

The video features an AKSU student and a young man who are both having a good natural moment.

People have been criticizing the AKSU student for allowing herself to be recorded while having a good moment with a man.

The video is currently becoming viral on the Nigerian internet. found the video first on the Twitter trend table while searching for “AKSU student, AKSU video.”

Some of the close friends of the girl have been searching for more details about the video. 

More information on how the video got online and who submitted it is still being sought.

Stop allowing yourself to be recorded by anyone. The internet is not a safe place. The mistake you make today might destroy your tomorrow.

For those of you sharing those videos, stop sharing viral videos of men and women having time together.