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Much Watch: 9 of The Best SNL Skits of All Time




Saturday Night Live (SNL) has been a lasting American cultural show since it first aired in 1975. SNL is one of the world’s longest-running television shows, and it is best recognised for creating some of the best sketches of all time, which are witty, sarcastic, and very entertaining.

The skits, or short comedic scenes, of SNL have not only made millions of its viewers laugh at the seriously witty takes on everything from daily life to the highest political offices but also produced some of the greatest comic acting icons over the decades.

The skits, though funny, do sometimes hold a mirror to society, parodying some truly absurd situations and happenings in real life. It could involve a political Scandal or a Celebrity feud, with SNL writers and performers, several of whom are Celebrity guests, giving them a unique angle to entertain everyone. Through their exaggerated versions, SNL viewers are often able to question real-life situations. This, in a way, makes SNL a pioneer in its style.

SNL was originally known as NBC’s Saturday Night and had George Carlin as its first host. Now, with around 50 years of History behind it and hundreds of sketches, it is nearly impossible to zero down on the best SNL skits of all time. But a handful of them have certainly been timeless, not just because of how well they were written but also because of the unforgettable acting by icons such as Bill Murray, Eddie Murphy and Mike Myers.

Even modern-day actors find SNL a show in which they must appear as many times as they can. Ryan Gosling is one of the best examples. The actor did one of the greatest SNL skits, parodying a font used in Avatar (2009). He once again regaled SNL viewers with his Beavis & Butt-Head skit with Mikey Day. The skit has received appreciation, cementing Gosling as one of the top stars to have aced the SNL Game.

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These are the best SNL skits of all time in the order of release