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Meta starts rolling out generative AI tools for all advertisers




Social media giant Meta Platforms said on Wednesday that it has started rolling out generative artificial intelligence (AI) tools that can create content like image backgrounds and variations of written text for all advertisers.

The company started testing these tools in May, giving access to a select group of advertisers in a "testing playground". The tools will be available in Meta's Ads Manager and their rollout will be completed next year.

The rollout marks the Facebook and Instagram owner's first foray into bundling generative AI Technology into its products for mining vast stores of past data to generate new content like prose, art and software code.

Last week, the company said businesses will soon be able to use AI for business messaging on Messenger and WhatsApp to engage with customers.

Meta's portfolio of AI products includes its language model "Llama 2" and an AI chatbot called Meta AI that can generate text responses and photo-realistic images.