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Mark Consuelos tells wife Kelly Ripa he kissed another woman in Italy: ‘It was passionate’




Mark Consuelos kissed and told.

During Tuesday’s episode of “Live with Kelly and Mark,” the actor admitted to his wife and co-host Kelly Ripa that he planted a wet one on a fan while celebrating fourth-tier Italian soccer team Campobasso 1919’s championship victory over the weekend.

“In the adulation, in the celebration, on the field, when we found out that the other team tied and we are champions … we ran over to our fans,” he enthusiastically recalled.

“I’m running … and I see this lady, let’s call her my aunt — maybe someone else’s aunt — and we look at each other and we’re so excited and there’s this [plexi]glass and we come to the glass, and you know what? I kissed her.”

Kelly Ripa wants Mark Consuelos on "Live with Kelly and Mark"
Mark Consuelos told his wife, Kelly Ripa, that he kissed a soccer fan while celebrating their team’s win in Italy over the weekend. ABC
Kelly Ripa wants Mark Consuelos on "Live with Kelly and Mark"
He described the situation during Tuesday’s episode of “Live with Kelly and Mark.” ABC
Kelly Ripa wants Mark Consuelos on "Live with Kelly and Mark"
He clarified that they kissed through plexiglass as everyone was celebrating the championship victory. ABC

Ripa, who co-owns Campobasso 1919 with her husband, didn’t quite believe his tale.

“Do we have footage of this?” she replied. “We don’t have footage of it?”

While Consuelos, 53, failed to provide evidence of the kiss — which happened between plexiglass — he reassured Ripa, also 53, that it truly did happen by providing more detail.

He comically reenacted their eyes meeting as they agreed to the kiss and even claimed he closed his eyes for the tender moment. “I laid one on her. It was a smooch, but it was passionate,” he smiled.

Kelly Ripa wants Mark Consuelos
Ripa did not believe Consuelos and asked for video footage of the interaction. Instagram/@kellyripa
Kelly Ripa wants Mark Consuelos mirror selfie
While he had none, he further detailed the smooch was “passionate.” Instagram/@kellyripa

Consuelos and his fellow “All My Children” alum became investors in the Italian soccer club in 2022 along with Ascoli FC, one of the most historic soccer clubs in Italy. They also announced their co-ownership of Campobasso 1919.

The success of the team has been instantaneous under Conseuelos and Ripa’s ownership.

Within the first season, they won 28 out of 30 matches, which Consuelos admitted to People last year was a bit shocking.

Kelly Ripa wants Mark Consuelos selfie
The couple became co-owners of and investors in Campobasso 1919 in 2022. kellyripa/Instagram
Kelly Ripa wants Mark Consuelos PDA
Since then, the team has been quite successful. Kelly Ripa/Instagram

“We assembled a team, many of which didn’t see each other until three days before the first Game,” he recalled of their humble beginning.

“Our home field was in disarray, they had mushrooms growing on the field, so we had to play on visiting neighboring towns and small fields.”

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Less than two weeks ago, Ripa and Consuelos celebrated another huge win: Their first anniversary of co-hosting “Live.”

“I have to say it’s probably the fastest year of my life,” the former “Riverdale” star told Deadline on April 17.

Kelly Ripa wants Mark Consuelos PDA
Ripa and Consuelos have been married since 1996. kellyripa/Instagram
Kelly Ripa wants Mark Consuelos with their kids
They share three kids. kellyripa/Instagram

Ripa, meanwhile, said she believes their relatable relationship keeps them on air.

“We have disagreements like a normal couple, and we’re not afraid to let them unfold on the air and in front of America, and I think people find a lot of themselves in that,” she reflected.

The pair have been married since May 1, 1996 and share three kids.