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Local Shelter Launches Affordable Essential Pet Services Clinic





Pet owners know just how fast necessary veterinary care services can add up. Especially when our four-legged besties are in need of their regular preventative care like vaccines and wellness exams.

A well known local rescue and adoption center, who over the years have expanded to serve the area with boarding, grooming and even a thrift shop, recently announced the opportunity for your pets to receive essential healthcare services at an affordable price.

V.Turco - 'Bama' my black and white indoor cat adopted from CARE of DC in 2019, saying hello to one of the neighborhood cats.
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What is CARE of DC?

Well known in the Hudson Valley for their rescue efforts, presence in the community, and compassion for Animals (as it states in their name), Compassionate Animal Rescue Efforts of Dutchess County has been helping out furry friends here in the Hudson Valley since 2016. Based in Wappingers Falls, they are a no-kill non profit adoption agency who have been responsible for rescuing, caring for, and helping to get Animals into their forever homes, and they're always out and about in the community.

Over the years you've likely heard of them stepping in to rescue dozens of Animals from various situations, like when they took in more than 30 pups recently from a hoarding situation. Or, perhaps you remember when they took in a bunch of pups from Puerto Rico following major flooding.

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CARE of DC Launches Affordable Essential Healthcare Services

Just this week, CARE of DC introduced wellness and vaccination clinics that have been designed to 'provide essential healthcare services for pets at reduced prices.'


The first clinic will be held on Saturday July 13th for adult dogs and cats (greater than one year of age), and a variety of packages will be offered. Services range from physical exams to vaccines like rabies and distemper, to heartworm, tick and lyme testing, and so on. There are also microchipping services, nail trims and other common testing and vaccinations all at reasonable costs (both bundled and add-on). A full list of clinic services can be found by clicking here.

Karen LeCain, Director at CARE of DC, is excited to offer these services and clinics to the community:

With the cost of everything going up lately, we're offering these clinics as a way to ease the financial burden of Pet ownership. Every Pet deserves quality Healthcare and that is what they will receive at the CARE of DC clinic.

For additional information about the services offered through the CARE of DC clinic, or to sign up your pet for services, please email [email protected].

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