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Lana Del Rey Has an Interesting Comment About Her Taylor Swift Collaboration, ‘Snow On the Beach’




Lana Del Rey just shared a thought about her song with Taylor Swift that’s causing some conversation online.

The 37-year-old “Lust for Life” singer shared a series of pH๏τos of her sister Chuck Grant, Taylor and Jack Antonoff on her alternate Instagram account, @honeymoon.

In the caption, she seemingly offered an opinion about her Midnights song, “Snow on the Beach.”


“I would’ve sung the entire second verse if I had known, I was the only feature 😱 🙏 ʙuттttt my production skills were on point and Chuck’s pH๏τo skills are 🔥,” she wrote.

It’s not entirely clear what she means, although when the song was released, some fans were disappointed that Lana‘s voice wasn’t featured as heavily throughout the track.

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