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It was very difficult: Cricketer Mohammad Rizwan shares his 8-year-long love story




Lauded for his resilience on the pitch, it seems Pakistan's wicket-keeper batter Mohammad Rizwan brings the same never-give-up attitude to his personal life. Recently, he opened up about his prolonged love story, revealing that he had to wait nearly a decade to marry his wife.

As Rizwan gears up for the T20 World Cup, he found a moment to share the details of his love life at an event, sitting alongside team captain Babar Azam. When the inevitable question about his eight-year-long romance came up, Babar handed over the microphone with a playful jab: "Every time, I'm the one discussed, now it’s your turn." Rizwan, with his characteristic humility, replied, "I'm just praying for you to get married," as the two shared a light-hearted moment.

With a mix of hesitation and pride, Rizwan began recounting his love saga. "Everyone knows a love story is filled with difficulties and in our Pathan culture, even more so," he said. He explained that convincing his now-wife’s family was no small feat. Rizwan's steadfast devotion saw him praying daily, hoping for a positive outcome.

Refusing to spill too many personal details, Rizwan nonetheless shared the gravity of his struggle: “I had to wait not one or two years but eight long years to marry the girl of my choice. I think I'm the first one in my family who had a love marriage. It was very difficult," he said, illustrating the cultural and familial barriers he faced.

Rizwan’s story is a testament to his unwavering faith and determination. "I prayed to God every day and I was sure that whatever I asked, He would not return me empty-handed," he concluded, showcasing the same grit off the field that makes him a standout player on it. This glimpse into Rizwan's personal life offered fans a deeper understanding of the man behind the gloves. Just as he does on the cricket field, Rizwan faced his personal challenges head-on.

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