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Here’s How Hudson Valley Kids Can Score Free Pizza For Reading




Perhaps some of us remember the good ol' days of being an elementary school student whose only motivation to read was to get enough stamps to earn free shame, we were all there.

Pizza Hut in Louisiana
Shannon O'Hara

2024 marks a pretty legendary anniversary for the popular reading incentive program, so let's outline how your kids can read and earn pizza here in the Hudson Valley, but before we take a deep (dish) dive into that, who remembers the iconic throwback pizza hut restaurants like the one pictured below?

Google Maps
Google Maps

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Legendary Reading Incentive Program Celebrates 40 Years

The infamous Pizza Hut BOOK IT! program celebrates 40 years in 2024, where pizza loving kids can earn personal pies for reading books.

Shannon O'Hara
Shannon O'Hara

For almost half a century, school-aged kids across the country have been racking up personal pan pizzas by reading, and this year is no different. Children ranging from pre-K through sixth grade are now eligible to sign up for the 24-25 'season of pizza-earning fun.

These days, students earn digital Reading Award Certificates, but remember the good ol' days when you got the bookmark and that rad BOOK IT! button, click here for some real nostalgia.

Camp BOOK IT and Hudson Valley Locations

A summer program that is run by parents, educators, etc. from June through August, Camp BOOK IT! is an opportunity to receive tips, resources and tools about the BOOK IT! program through a newsletter with resources, and includes a summer reading plan, and of course, the opportunity for free Pizza Hut pizza.

Parent Company of KFC, Taco Bell, And Pizza Hut Report Strong Earnings
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Current Hudson Valley locations where kids can cash in on their (not as cool as the throwback bookmark) digital pizza certificates include Liberty, Middletown, Mohegan Lake, Montgomery, Nanuet, Newburgh (2 locations), and Valley Stream. There are also a few just outside the Hudson Valley that may be worth a short trip.

Do you remember these former Pizza Hut locations in the Hudson Valley?

Former Pizza Hut Locations in the Hudson Valley, New York

These locations were once a Pizza Hut restaurant.

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