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Heart-Wrenching Tale of a Street Puppy Playfully Romping Until Struck by a Vehicle, Now on the Road to Recovery




A puppy living on the streets had his life changed forever when a vehicle ran over his legs. Thankfully, his life would not be over thanks to Animal Aid Unlimited who rescued him and treated his catastrophic injuries.

They found the puppy lying immobilized on the ground. “His cries of agony broke our hearts but we’d try our best to save him,” Animal Aid Unlimited wrote.

Joey’s recovery would pose a challenge as they realized they would have to amputate his worst-damaged leg. But his rescuers said that after his surgery, “this bright-eyed sweetheart literally leapt into his new life.”

Although they were hoping for Joey to heal into a Healthy “tripod” dog, his other front leg “was also badly injured and unable to bear any weight.” But Joey doesn’t let that stop him from getting around!

Joey has figured out how to use his front leg like a “walking stick” and hops on his back legs. As Joey would never survive on the streets,  Animal Aid Unlimited is now his permanent home.

He’s best friends with the other disabled dogs and his “happiness knows no bounds!”