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Has Nikola Jokic confirmed his presence at the Paris Olympics?




Serbian coach Svetislav Pešić has unveiled the roster of 16 players (candidates) who will proudly represent Serbia at the upcoming Olympic Games in Paris. The list includes the first NBA star from Serbia, Nikola Jokić.

Coach Pešić has shared an initial roster of 16 players, which will undergo further cuts soon. The talented players on the list are:

  • Vasilije Micić,
  • Aleksej Pokuševski,
  • Bogdan Bogdanović,
  • Nikola Jović,
  • Nikola Jokić,
  • Vladimir Lučić,
  • Marko Gudurić,
  • Vanja Marinković,
  • Ognjen Dobrić,
  • Filip Petrushev,
  • Nikola Milutinov,
  • Dušan Ristić,
  • Aleksa Avramović,
  • Ognjen Jaramaz,
  • Dejan Davidovac
  • Uroš Plavšić

The Serbian team will have their first official friendly match on July 12 against France in Lyon. Afterward, they will Travel to Abu Dhabi, where the “Eagles” will play against Australia on July 16 and the USA team the following day.

Serbia’s next match is against Japan on July 21 at the Belgrade Arena. Following that, the Serbian team’s journey to the Olympics continues on July 24. In Olympic Group C, Serbia will comPete against the USA, South Sudan, and the qualifying team.

The last spot in this group will be determined by the top team from the qualification tournament in Puerto Rico, in which Mexico, Ivory Coast, Lithuania, Italy, and Bahrain will also participate alongside the hosts.

Serbia will kick off their Olympic campaign with a match against the USA on July 28 in Lille. Three days later, they will face the qualifying team, and on August 3, they will take on the South Sudan team.