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French May Arts Festival 2024: 8 Programmes to See Now




The French May opened on the 16th of March with the M+ exhibition Noir and Blanc in Hong Kong but there’s still so much to see from now until early June.

Today, the French May Arts Festival is one of the biggest cultural events of its kind in Asia. Celebrating 16 years of Sino-French diplomatic relations, the programme is packed with over 100 arts and culture daily events spanning photography, circus, music, dance and theatre. Here, we handpick eight exciting events you shouldn’t miss in the remaining time.

Don’t miss out on these eight highlights at the French May Arts Festival 2024:

Feng Xiao-Min: Brush of Light

French-Chinese artist Feng Xiao-Min wields magic with his brush, blending Chinese calligraphy with Western painting techniques in his “Brush of Light” series. The artworks capture peaceful landscapes in the fleeting moments as light appears. Feng’s extensive knowledge of colour and lines and his masterful application using East-meets-West techniques make this exhibition a delight for any culture lovers.

3-31 May (Mon-Sat), Opera Gallery. More information here.

Möbius in May

If you’re fond of testing your limits or interested in discovering the relationship between humans and nature, Möbius in May is the perfect show for you. Inspired by the murmuration of birds, the French contemporary circus company Compagnie XY collaborated with the choreographer Rachid Ouramdane to explore the outer confines of acrobatics. The carefully choreographed dances and movements will definitely blow your mind.

15-19 May, Parade Ground, Tai Kwun. More information here.

Happy French Wednesday

With thrilling Horse Racing action, first-class Entertainment, and amazing food at the renowned Beer Garden, Happy French Wednesday is a must-go in Hong Kong this May. More excitingly, the host Hong Kong Jockey Club has cooperated with the French May Arts Festival and the French GourMay Food and Wine Festival to elevate the event, making it the best place to experience French culture and enjoy a cheerful Wednesday night out with friends and families via French cuisine and wine.

15-22 May, Happy Valley Racecourse. More information here.


Performed by twelve dancers, LOVETRAIN2020 is a contemporary jazz musical that highlights the sounds and vibe from the eighties with hits including “Mad World”, “Shout”, and “Everybody Wants to Rule the World”. Showcasing a fresh perspective, the dance reveals how people come together, drift apart, push, pull and move forward, through movement and sound. Hop on the time express driven by Emanuel Gat Dance and return to the glorious decade of flamboyant fashions and ebullient pop.

18-19 May, Auditorium, Kwai Tsing Theatre. More information here.

Symphony of New Worlds

Breakdance will be an official discipline at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. To celebrate that, the Symphony of New Worlds has made a groundbreaking collaboration between the Divertimento Orchestra from France, the City Chamber Orchestra of Hong Kong, hip pop choreographer Mourad, and the star conductor Zahia Ziouani to create an extravaganza of music and movement styles from Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America. Catch this unique opportunity to experience the vibrant sound, explosive energy, and cross-cultural charm of this new Olympic sport.

23-24 May, Grand Theatre, Hong Kong Cultural Centre. More information here.

HK Phil × Tai Kwun: Chamber Music Series – Voyage From Paris

Chamber music enjoyed a new renaissance in the 20th century, especially in France when audiences discovered the enchanting timbre of the harp. Voyage From Paris explores the beautiful sound of the harp, as the Hong Kong Philharmonic discovers the works of Albert Roussel and Jean Cras, as well as Debussy’s exquisite Sonata for Flute, Viola, and Harp, and two French classic romantic songs “Méditation” and “The Swan”. If you are a chamber music lover, don’t miss the opportunity to catch this one-night performance, which is sure to bring you a world of wonder.

27 May. JC Cube, Tai Kwun. More information here.

Beautiful Harmony

In the Beautiful Harmony, the world-renowned pianist Niu Niu and rising star flautist Cocomi come together to dazzle audiences with their enchanting cross-border musicianship. These two young and promising Asian musicians have previously collaborated to produce music and performed together in Japan, and this concert sees the duo reunited for two nights in Hong Kong. Moreover, the concert will also feature mesmerizing poetry reading, where spoken word and enchanting music intertwine in a powerful performance to move the audience. Please join this auditory carnival that brings together captivating melodies and the sublime beauty of poetry.

30-31 May, Hong Kong Jockey Club Amphitheatre, The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. More information here.

Pas de deux à Hong Kong

As an open and international city, Hong Kong has long had the largest French community in Southeast Asia. In the Pas de deux à Hong Kong, a young creative team led by Hong Kong theatre director Wu Ho Fai reexamines the city from a French Hong Kong resident’s perspective and investigates the French immigrants’ motivations to settle in the city. Come and “read” this interesting French-Hong Kong love letter and see our lovely city through the eyes of French immigrants.

31 May to 2 June, Theatre, Sheung Wan Civic Centre. More information here.