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Did Cameron from Modern Family play in the NFL?




When portraying Cameron’s character, it’s hard to imagine anyone better suited for the role than Eric Stonestreet. His portrayal of Cameron perfectly complemented Mitchell’s character, so he was often referred to as the “yin” to Mitchell’s “yang.” It’s worth stating that the fact that Stonestreet is not gay in real life makes his acting even more impressive. It shows his ability to fully immerse himself in a character and bring them to life convincingly.

Also, his non-conventional gay appearance makes his acting bravura even bigger, so it is not surprising when, in episode five of the first season, we first learn about his athletic past and success.

In preparation for a major Football Game between OSU and Illinois, the screenwriters reveal that Cameron was the first offensive lineman at the University of Illinois (Jay. Mitchell’s father and he bonded over that.”) and is a huge Sports fan. Mitchell, who isn’t a Sports enthusiast, attempts to show an interest in Football after Cameron explains that being in a relationship necessitates sharing each other’s interests.

Although Cameron, the character from the series, never played in the NFL, Eric Stonestreet, who portrayed him, has a deep connection to the Kansas City Chiefs. Stonestreet has fond memories of his childhood in Kansas City, Kansas. His passion for the team was ignited by a chance encounter with Football legend Joe Delaney, who graciously signed a card for the young Stonestreet at Indian Springs Shopping Center. Subsequent visits from Jack Rudney to his fifth-grade class and a generous gift of season tickets from his uncle Glenn further solidified his devotion to the team. He also has the title of the “Official Kansas City Chiefs fan.”