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Chinese Agency Claims Terrorists Have AI-Built Gene Weapons That Target Specific Races




In a somewhat disturbing development, the Chinese Ministry of State Security has issued a warning about the possible development of “gene weapons” that can specifically target certain ethnicities or races. While these claims might sound like something straight out of a Science fiction novel, they have raised serious concerns about the intersection of genetics, artificial intelligence, and bioweaponry.

The Ministry of State Security’s official WeChat post did not name specific countries but suggested that some nations were using advanced AI to target.

“Compared with traditional biological weapons and chemical weapons, genetic weapons are more concealable, deceptive, easy to spread and harmful in the long-term, and are difficult to prevent, difficult to isolate, and low-cost. Once used in war, the consequences will be devastating,” the ministry wrote, The Daily Mail reported. “Maintaining biosecurity is a shared responsibility of all of society. Everyone should establish a sense of biosafety and draw wisdom from the lessons learned in dealing with biosafety risks, such as public Health emergencies.”

While some experts dismiss these claims as pure Science fiction, the potential use of genetics-based weapons has been a concern for many.

Oliver Jones, the head of BioSciences and Food Technology at RMIT University, told the South China Morning Post that the concept lies “purely in the realm of Science fiction.”

The Ministry of State Security’s statement emphasized that genetic weapons possess unique characteristics that make them highly concerning. These weapons are more concealable, deceptive, easy to spread, and cause long-term harm, the South China Morning Post reported.

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In response to these concerns, President Joe Biden has issued an order aimed at ensuring safety testing of AI models like ChatGPT and Google’s Bard, with government officials reviewing results before they are publicly released. The goal is to prevent AI from being used to create nuclear, biological, and genetic weapons.

There are some who seem to believe what the Chinese spy agency is claiming. Independent presidential hopeful Robert F. Kennedy Jr. claimed Covid-19 was ‘ethnically targeted’ to not effect Jewish or Chinese people, Vanity Fair reported.

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