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BLACKPINK Will Reportedly Leave YG Entertainment In Favor Of THE BLACK LABEL




BLACKPINK will reportedly be leaving YG Entertainment in favor of the company’s subsidiary label THE BLACK LABEL.

According to KpopHerald (the K-Pop subdivision of media outlet The Korea Herald), BLACKPINK will be leaving YG Entertainment and changing their management label to THE BLACK LABEL, which is an ᴀssociate company under YG Entertainment.

THE BLACK LABEL used to be a subsidiary of YG Entertainment, which meant that YG Entertainment controlled over 50 percent of THE BLACK LABEL. However, as of November 2020, THE BLACK LABEL has been an ᴀssociate company under YG Entertainment. An ᴀssociate company means that the parent company (YG Entertainment) controls between 20-50 percent of the company.

A YG Entertainment official has told KpopHerald that they cannot confirm the news, but the BLACKPINK members still have time left on their contracts.