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An Illuminating Gift Shop Closes Its Store in Eastdale Village




Just about every town in the Hudson Valley has a small shopping district. It is so fun to be able to shop locally with small businesses. Sometimes a small boutique is the best place to find a gift.

Much like a real main street in a well-established Hudson Valley town, there is a new spot where shops have been popping up in Dutchess County.

Eastdale Village located just east of Poughkeepsie is a community with living space and a Lifestyle Business. For the people who live in Eastdale Village the shops and restaurant are their town.

Stores Open in Eastdale Village Throughout 2023

Last year Eastdale had many Businesses move in. In November Just A Little Pie shop opened. In July of 2023, Buns Burgers joined the list of places to eat in Eastdale. And no shopping area would be complete without a Pet store so last June Lily's Natural Pet store opened its doors.

Eastdale Village
Eastdale Village Town Center Facebook

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Unfortunately, even though buildings are expanding and more stores are opening we did receive word today that one of the shops that has been a staple in Eastdale Village will be closing its doors. Known for their beeswax and soy candles plus a great collection of gifts Ye Olde Candle Shop announced that they are closing their doors.

Candle Store Closes in Eastdale Village

Two days ago Ye Olde Candle House Gift Shoppe posted a letter to their customers on their social media. It stated that with mixed emotions they would be closing the store and moving the Business totally online.

Open since 2015 in Pleasent Valley they later moved to Eastdale Village in 2020. They thank customers for their support and hope that they can still offer them services through the online store.

Ye Olde Candle House Gift SHoppe is Still Online

They encourage people to contact them via email at [email protected] or visit

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