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An Artist’s Tribute: Watercolor Painting Of Maybrook Stewarts Shops Is A MUST HAVE





While perusing R/HudsonValley, I came across this glorious piece—a charming watercolor painting of Stewart's Shops in Maybrook, created by Bryan Madden

(BryanEtch on Instagram and BryanEtch on Etsy).

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Bryan's artwork immediately captivated me not just for its artistic finesse, but also for his heartfelt connection to Stewart's, which resonates deeply with many of us in the Hudson Valley.
As Soon as I moved here to Poughkeepsie, Stewart's has become a daily ritual, especially their 2 for $6 cheeseburger deal—a lunchtime favorite. When reaching out to Bryan on Instagram he beautifully summed up Stewart's appeal:
"I grew up in Westchester, went to school in Upstate New York, and my Grandparents lived in Lake George. So I’ve taken many trips Upstate and one small aspect of all those special places is Stewart’s Shops. It’s like a standard convenience store but the charm is turned all the way up. Their food and drink items are nice! The people are so local and real. Whenever I’m driving into Stewart’s territory, I have to stop in. There’s just something warm about it, like visiting family. That’s what I hoped to capture with my painting."
Bryan's work uses pencil sketches, micron pens, and professional-grade watercolors, he vividly brings out the charm of Stewart's on cold press watercolor paper.
His Etsy page (BryanEtch on Etsy) showcases glowing reviews, with some Maybrook residents expressing excitement about seeing a familiar local landmark in watercolor.

Bryan's art not only preserves Stewart's spirit but also evokes a sense of community and nostalgia among viewers.
Moreover, Bryan's portfolio includes other beloved spots like Connecticut's iconic pizzerias—"Frank Pepe's,"  "Sally's," and "Modern Pizza." Each piece reflects his talent for capturing the essence of cherished places, making them timeless through his art.


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