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Amik Robertson injury update: How is the Raiders cornerback after taking a knee to the helmet?




During the Raiders’ game against the Jets on Sunday evening, cornerback Amik Robertson suffered a nasty head injury and was left in the “fencing position.” This occurred when Jets running back Breece Hall tried to obstruct him on the sideline, causing Robertson to put a knee on the helmet.

The “fencing” position is commonly a sign of a concussion, and Robertson required immediate medical attention as he lay motionless on the ground with his arms extended in the air. Shortly after, the medical staff helped him off the field, and the Raiders subsequently ruled him out of the Game with a concussion.

The injury occurred early in the second quarter of Sunday night’s Game in Las Vegas as Hall attempted to gain a first down for the visitors. The running back sprinted towards the Jets’ left sideline as Robertson went to tackle him. While still Traveling at full speed, Hall jumped into the air to avoid Robertson, but his knee hit the cornerback’s neck and immediately sent him to the ground.

Robertson’s teammates frantically signaled for help from the Raiders bench.

The Jets medics quickly attended to Robertson, who was unconscious, and he was soon awake and able to walk through the tunnel with the help of Raiders personnel.

NFL’s concussion protocol

When players suffer from a concussion, they cannot return to the game until they are cleared by their team’s physician and the independent neurological consultant (INC). Each NFL team must have at least one INC, a certified physician who handles head trauma cases. There is no fixed timeline for players in concussion protocol, and they are allowed to return only after they have been cleared by both the team physician and the INC.

Robertson, who hails from Louisiana, played college football at Louisiana Tech and was drafted by the Raiders in the fourth round of the 2020 NFL draft.