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World Rhino Day (September 22nd)



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The only way to save a rhinoceros is to save the environment in which it lives, because there’s a mutual dependency between it and millions of other species of both Animals and plants.

David Attenborough

Almost every child in the world should be able to immediately recognize this magnificent beast, with its heavy grey skin and prominent horn (or horns!) upon its snout. The rhinoceros is a much-loved critter!

However, it is deeply endangered in the wild and is quickly on the road to extinction if something isn’t done to help this animal in its plight. So it is that World Rhino Day was established to help raise awareness and protect what remains of these magnificent creatures.

History of World Rhino Day

As far back as the early 1990s, the crisis related to rhinos in Africa, particularly the black rhinos in Zimbabwe, became well known and people began to be concerned. By 2010, it was apparent that the potentially hazardous future of the Rhinoceros still wasn’t well known to various people around the world. At that time, most people did not know just how close the planet was coming to the total extinction of this majestic species.

So critical and dire was the condition of the species that less than 30,000 rhinos were alive in the world at that time. It was because of this that the WWF-South Africa announced World Rhino Day with the desire to save the world’s remaining rhinos, an effort that grew to be an unprecedented success.

In 2011, a woman named Lisa Jane Campbell fired off an email to Rhishja, a fellow lover of rhinos who wanted to see the five species of rhinos in the world continue to thrive and be there for future generations to enjoy.

At the hands of these two incredible women, World Rhino Day has become a phenomenon that spreads across the globe and has been a resounding success.

There’s still work to do though, as there are only about 100 Sumatran Rhinos left in the world, and between 60-65 Javan rhinos. So, while the rhino populations of Africa are doing well, there are certainly still more to save.

Taking the time out on Rhino Day to be aware and share the concern about the struggle this species faces is a great way to celebrate the day!

How to Celebrate World Rhino Day

Celebrating World Rhino Day starts by people deciding to educate themselves on the plight of rhinoceros in the modern world. In this way, people can figure out what actions they can take to help save those that remain. Try these ideas for celebrating this important day:

Learn More About Rhino-Friendly Organizations

Take a look at these reputable organizations that are doing what they can to help remove the burden from the lives of rhinos:

  • World Wildlife Federation (WWF). For almost 50 years, WWF has been working on behalf of rhinos by aiming to expand protected areas where rhinos can live and breed safely, improving security to prevent poaching, helping with law enforcement to keep the trading of wildlife illegal, and promoting wildlife based tourism that expands experiences and funds more efforts toward conservation.
  • Save the Rhino International. Beginning in 1992, Save the Rhino uses extreme challenges to raise money in the UK and beyond to help fund efforts for rhinos. Working to protect rhinos from poaching, educating communities who live near rhinos, and bringing experts together to share information and skills allows this organization to be effective in their goal of saving the rhinos.
  • International Rhino Foundation. Fighting for the survival of rhinos, this organization offers support through grants and field programs that have affected rhino conservation in at least ten countries. Focusing on protecting, education, breeding, conservation and demand reduction, this group was also founded in the early 1990’s.

Adopt a Rhino Orphan

In addition to the organizations listed above, Helping Rhinos is a group that pairs people with baby rhinos whose parents are not able to take care of them. Adoption participation is a minimal cost per month or year, and those who want to adopt can choose which baby rhino they want to help support.

Adoption comes with a certificate with the name, photo, and fact sheet of the adopted rhino as well as a subscription to e-news from the Helping Rhinos Organization. Check out the website to see stories of which rhinos are available for adoption and how they came to be rescued and placed in the rhino orphanages for care.

Share with Family and Friends about Rhinos

Rhinos are such an impressive symbol of strength, resilience, and tenacity that it would be a heartbreaking shame to have those traits disappear as they become a species that used to exist. Don’t let these magnificent creatures disappear from the world, get together with friends and family and see what you can do to help build funds to protect them.

Throw a little party or get-together in honor of Rhino Day where guests can be educated on the worries about the future for Rhinos. Be ready to share fun facts about the uniqueness of rhinos, how important they are to their habitat areas, and what makes them such an interesting species. Help guests understand what they can do to help promote the cause, and perhaps take some donations to send to organizations, or encourage guests to consider adopting one of the orphan rhinos.