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Will the Dallas Mavericks play a friendly game in Israel?




The connection between the Dallas Mavericks and Hapoel Jerusalem basketball teams runs deep. Matan Adelson, who owns the prominent club in Israel’s capital, is the son of Miriam Adelson, the majority owner of the NBA franchise in Texas. Along with Miriam Adelson, Patrik Dumont and Mark Cuban, the most well-known, also have ownership stakes in the Mavericks, and all three are of Jewish origins.

This is one of the reasons why Mark Cuban announced that a game between the Mavericks and Hapoel will be organized in Israel in the future.

Miriam met Luka Dončić and the rest of the team. She is wonderful, she hugs everyone. We would love to bring Dallas to play in Israel, but this summer, due to the current situation, that will not be possible. In the future, it would be great,” said Cuban, who sold a stake in the Mavericks worth about $3.5 billion to the Adelson and Dumont families the previous summer.

What’s Kyrie’s stand on the new Mavs owners?

Kyrie Irving’s relationship with the new owners is also interesting. Irving once apologized for some statements, saying that he was “never anti-Semitic,” and in the previous months, he highlighted Palestinian symbols on several occasions.

Kyrie loves Israel! I have never met a person with so much love inside as he does. There is nothing bad in him, and he has no bad intentions. He wants to support everyone, Israelis and any other group of people. He seeks peace.” Cuban said. “I spoke with Kyrie about the situation, about Hamas, and I told him that terrorism is terrorism,” added Cuban.

The Dallas team is currently trailing 2-0 in the final series of the NBA playoffs, but they have two upcoming home Games. Kyri did not perform well in the first two matches - his shooting percentages are low, and he missed all eight three-pointers he attempted in the first two Games. The third match of the series is scheduled for Wednesday night.