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What’s Behind The $13 Billion Daily Transaction Boom?




Cardano (ADA), the smart contracts platform known for its energy-efficient Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism, has been generating buzz lately. On-chain data reveals a significant uptick in large transactions, hinting at a potential return of the whales – major investors who can significantly impact Cryptocurrency prices.

Whales Making Waves On The Cardano Sea

IntoTheBlock, a blockchain analytics firm, reported a surge in Cardano transactions exceeding $100,000. Over the past week, the average daily volume for these large transactions reached nearly $14 billion.

This represents a third of Bitcoin’s transaction volume within the same timeframe, showcasing a surge in activity on the Cardano network. Interestingly, the data dwarfs Dogecoin’s large transaction volume by a whopping 16 times, highlighting the increased interest in Cardano compared to the meme coin.

Unveiling The Mystery: Are Whales Buying Or Selling?

While the high transaction volume is undeniable, its implication for Cardano’s price remains unclear. Large transactions can represent both buying and selling activity, making it difficult to predict a definitive price direction.

ADA market cap currently at $16 billion. Chart:

However, the sustained volume exceeding $10 billion throughout the week, even during a recent price dip, suggests continued movement within the network. This could indicate institutional investors entering the Cardano market or signify significant internal token transfers within the ecosystem.

Data Hints At Bullish Undercurrents

While the exact nature of the large transactions remains to be seen, Santiment, another on-chain analytics platform, provides a potentially bullish signal. Their data suggests a growing accumulation trend among large holders.

Addresses containing between 100,000 and 100 million ADA have been steadily increasing their holdings since the beginning of April. This accumulation by whales could be a positive sign for Cardano’s future price, indicating their confidence in the project’s long-term potential.

Technical Analysis Paints A Target-Rich Environment

Market analyst Cobra Vanguard has weighed in on the recent developments, employing technical analysis to predict Cardano’s price trajectory. Vanguard identifies an expanding price channel that Cardano has been trading within since the start of the year.

This pattern suggests higher highs and lower lows, potentially indicating continued price volatility. Based on this analysis, Vanguard outlines several price targets for ADA, with the first hurdle at $0.52.

If successfully breached, the analyst predicts further climbs towards $0.57, $0.61, and $0.67. The ultimate target sits at a bullish $0.77, potentially marking a significant price increase for Cardano.

Cardano: A Sea Of Opportunity Or A Whale’s Playground?

The recent surge in large transactions on the Cardano network has undoubtedly generated excitement within the Cryptocurrency community.

While the exact reasons behind the high volume remain unclear, the potential involvement of whales and the uptick in accumulation by large holders paint a cautiously optimistic picture.

Featured image from Invyce, chart from TradingView

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