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What are C.J. Stroud’s NFL MVP odds? Has any rookie ever won the award?




The quarterback of the Houston Texans, CJ Stroud, has led his team to a remarkable transformation, particularly in terms of their offensive performance. His outstanding contributions have impressed onlookers, prompting discussions about his potential candidacy for the MVP title.

The praise for Stroud is overwhelming, with some considering him the best quarterback in the National Football League, surpassing even established players like Patrick Mahomes. He has made a tangible difference to his team, taking them from just three wins in the previous season to an impressive five victories this year.

What sets Stroud apart from others is his exceptional ability to elevate the performance of those around him, even on the defensive side of the ball. Under Stroud’s leadership, previously overlooked players like Noah Brown and Dalton Schultz have flourished. His recent performances have been compared to other accomplished quarterbacks in the league, further reinforcing his unique skills.

C.J. Stroud’s NFL MVP odds

Even as a rookie, Stroud has shown tremendous potential for further growth, indicating that he is already a great player.

He is leading his team to playoff contention with only two interceptions and a remarkable number of touchdown passes. This is a significant achievement considering the team’s struggles in the past, where they had to pick second and third in the draft. These stats and comparisons to other established quarterbacks in a similar scenario demonstrate Stroud’s unique qualities and impact that have changed the organization’s trajectory, which is undoubtedly a solid point to be a contender for the MVP title.

According to recent reports, the NFL public and media have closely followed the MVP prospects of the Houston Texans quarterback. Last week, Stroud’s odds of winning the title went from 250-to-1 to 125-to-1 at BetMGM. However, on Monday, those odds were significantly reduced to 30-to-1.

Has any rookie ever won the award?

The Most Valuable Player (MVP) award is the most prestigious individual prize in the NFL, and winning it as a rookie is an incredibly challenging feat. However, halfway through this season, Texans’ quarterback C.J. Stroud is making a solid case for himself.

In 1957, Jim Brown of the Cleveland Browns became the only rookie to win the NFL MVP award. Brown was a Pro Bowler and All-NFL team member that season. He rushed for 942 yards on 202 carries, averaging 4.7 yards per carry, with nine touchdowns in 12 games. Additionally, he caught 16 passes for 55 yards and a touchdown and returned six kicks for 136 yards.