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‘Today’ show’s Dylan Dreyer explains why she is ‘totally fine’ showering with her sons




Dylan Dreyer doesn’t mind showering with her sons — but admits it’s “getting a little weird.”

The “Today” show meteorologist and co-host, 42, said in a new interview that she is an “efficient mom” who is “totally fine” bathing with her and her husband Brian Fichera’s three boys.

“When I have to shower at night, if I can get all three in the shower with me so I can get everybody bathed at once, we’re good to go!” she explained to the Daily Mail of sons Calvin, 7, Oliver, 4, and Rusty, 2.

Dylan Dreyer, Brian Fichera and sons
Dylan Dreyer is “totally fine” showering with her sons. dylandreyernbc/Instagram
Dylan Dreyer, Brian Fichera and sons
The “Today” show personality shares Calvin, Oliver and Rusty with husband Brian Fichera.
Dylan Dreyer's sons
She admitted that bathing with the eldest is “a little weird.”

“It’s getting a little weird now that my oldest is 7, so he doesn’t do the shower thing anymore,” Dreyer noted of Calvin. “He’ll be in the bath while I take a shower.

“But you know,” she clarified, “I put the towel on pretty quickly. I don’t linger.”

As for Oliver and Rusty, the weather correspondent said the little ones “have no idea what’s going on” and “don’t care” about nudity.

Dylan Dreyer
“I put the towel on pretty quickly,” the meteorologist explained. FilmMagic
Dylan Dreyer at Hudson River Park Friends 8th Annual Playground Committee Luncheon
Dreyer doesn’t “linger” in the bathroom. Getty Images for Friends of Hudson River Park

“They’ll run around naked all day long,” she told the outlet. “I think they’re just so proud of their bodies and their parts. They love it.”

When Dreyer is on her own for an evening, her “ideal” setup is “in bed … reading a good romance novel” while “space[d] out.”

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The NBC personality’s comments come after Sara Haines spoke to her “View” co-hosts about not “cover[ing] up immediately between the shower and [her] lotions” in front of sons Alec, 8, and Caleb, 4, and daughter Sandra, 6.

Dylan Dreyer, Brian Fichera and sons
She and Fichera have been married since 2012.
Dylan Dreyer
Dreyer gave birth to baby boys in 2016, 2020 and 2021. Getty Images for The American Heart Association

“I have made a deliberate effort for them to not feel shamed of their bodies and to remind them that it’s science,” the former “Sara, Strahan and Keke” star, 46, explained on March 4.

“I breast-fed in front of each kids as they came around,” she added. “I never hid it.”

Additionally, Bradley Cooper told “Armchair Expert” podcast listeners in February that he “always” showered with his dad, Charles Cooper, growing up.