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tl.OVERNIGHT: Manchester United star Marcus Rashford was seen drunk and dropped £10,000 after partying for two days straight.




OVERNIGHT: Manchester United star Marcus Rashford was seen drunk and dropped £10,000 after partying for two days straight.

A waitress has revealed stunning information that Manchester United striker Marcus Rashford dropped a huge wаd of cash while Ԁrunk.


Waitress Sarah Adair, 30 years old, revealed stunning information about the process of serving Marcus Rashford. Sarah Adair said striker Rashford drank an entire glass of tequila and cocktails before collapsing on his hotel bed just before 3am.

Carol Radull on X: "Marcus Rashford was in a nightclub hours before calling in sick to Man United training on Friday." / X

Marcus Rashford was 'spotted in a Belfast nightclub AGAIN' on Thursday| All Football

Sarah Adair served Rashford and his friends, then she and Rashford’s group went out for the night.

Sarah Adair shared in Sun Sports (UK): “At that time he (Rashford) was so Ԁrunk that he picked up his bag and dropped it and all the money fell out. That’s all £20 notes and a lot of large notes. I think there was about £8,000 to £10,000 in cash.

“Then he fell against the wall and I had to help him onto the bed. I think he passed out and didn’t know anything. He didn’t even get under the covers.”

The Manchester United player returned to the hotel at 1:15 a.m., did not consume cocktails, and had less than £1,000 in cash, according to a person close to Rashford. This information was released following Rashford’s two days of wild partying while visiting a friend in Belfast. Following that, last Friday at 7 a.m., Rashford boarded a private aircraft to return to Manchester.

Rashford did not train because he was sick, he told Man Utd. Manchester United fined Rashford £650,000, or two weeks’ worth of pay. On Monday morning, Rashford was spotted making his way back to MU training.


Rashford went for a drink at Lavery’s after arriving in Belfast on Wednesday night.

Marcus Rashford in dream return to Man Utd team as he scores just minutes into win over Wolves after Belfast bender | The Sun

Rashford posed for a photo with a restaurant worker on Thursday 


Rashford was pictured inside a nightclub on Friday

Waitress Sarah added: “I wasn’t surprised when Marcus Rashford missed training the next day because he went to bed late and drank a lot. He must have known that he would not be Healthy enough to play Football.”

Mother-of-one Sarah Adair was at work on Thursday afternoon when a two-man security team walked in and requested a discreet table for a VIP party. At first Sarah thought it could be a famous actor like James Nesbitt or Jamie Dornan because the city is a hub for filMMAkers. When Rashford walked in, she didn’t recognize him and only realized he was a Footballer when the Man Utd fan manager said it to her.

“He was with two me𝚗 and two wоmen,” Sarah Adair said. One was clearly a friend, and the other girl was French and very beautiful. She seems close to Marcus Rashford because of the way they interact. She touches his knee and he touches her arm, but you can tell from the conversation that they don’t know each other very well. It was as if he had just met her.”


Rashford walked towards the nightclub door at 00:30 on Friday

Rashford arrived at a nightclub on Friday at 00:30


Rashford arrived at Man Utd’s training ground on Monday morning.

Previously, Rashford visited Larne FC after his friend Ro-Shaun Williams signed a contract with this Northern Ireland club. As Sarah served the group, Rashford also told how he had visited the Ԁirty Onion bar and Lavery’s pub the night before after flying into Belfast.

Marcus Rashford ordered fish and then asked Sarah Adair if there were any interesting places to go out, before adding: “You should go out with us and show us around.”

Sarah Adair confirmed Rashford “had no plans to go home that night”. A source close to Rashford confirmed that the striker left the nightclub at 1:15 am. But Sarah said the group partied until after 2am, before Rashford’s friends and security team said he was too Ԁrunk and needed to go to bed.

They then returned to the five-star Fitzwilliam hotel where Rashford was staying in a £1,500-a-night suite.

A source added: “Marcus Rashford admits that he has not met expectations.” While Manchester United issued a statement: “Marcus Rashford has accepted responsibility for his actions. This was resolved as an internal disciplinary matter and is now closed.”