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The Most-Streamed Songs of Paramore on Spotify




Paramore is currently on the road with Taylor Swift as the opening act for her Eras tour. While the pop-punk rock band have thrilled longtime fans by playing some of their biggest hits on stage, they have also gathered a new legion of fans, composed of younger Swifties. The Grammy-winning three-piece band consists of vocalist Hayley Williams, guitarist Taylor York, and drummer Zac Farro and if you are new to the discography of Paramore, here’s a look at their most streamed songs on Spotify.

The Paramore setlist has been full of their greatest hits for the ongoing Eras tour; however, the band has also been switching it up with every show, making some surprise additions. With their sets lasting 40 minutes each time, the band has begun adding surprise songs like Pool, Last Hope, Forgiveness and also Twilight’s Decode, enthralling fans all through the Eras tour shows from Paris to Edinburgh.

Considering the special friendship shared by Hayley Williams of Paramore and Taylor Swift, fans have been eagerly awaiting one surprise song: a duet performance of the two for Castles Crumbling. Since the Europe schedule of the Eras tour is quite extensive, Swift and Williams’ performance may happen in future, keeping the hope alive. Until then, let’s take a look at the best and most streamed songs of Paramore on Spotify.

Most streamed Paramore songs on Spotify

Misery Business (2007)

Streams: 808 million

Written by: Hayley Williams

One of Paramore’s most popular songs is also their most controversial one. Misery Business, the breakout hit that was part of their 2007 sophomore album Riot!, reached number 26 on the Billboard Hot 100 when it was first released and almost 17 years later, it remains their most-streamed song on Spotify. Despite it becoming a pop-punk classic, the song’s lyrics drew massive backlash over its perceived perpetuation of misogyny. It was later admitted by singer-songwriter Hayley Williams that she wrote the song when she was 17 and that the lyrics were “admittedly, from a very narrow-minded perspective.” Another intriguing piece of trivia about this song is also that Williams wrote this song fueled by her feelings for bandmate Josh Farro, who was seeing someone at the time.

The band had initially announced in 2018 that they would no longer be performing Misery Business on stage; however, they performed it four years later at a concert in 2022. More recently, the band also performed it in Edinburgh on the Eras tour. The popularity of Misery Business and its influence on the music industry can also be seen in how it inspired Olivia Rodrigo’s Good 4 U. The similarities between the songs were so prevalent that the latter had to retroactively add Paramore members Hayley Williams and Josh Farro to the writing credits.

Still Into You (2013)

Streams: 776 million

Written by: Hayley Williams, Taylor York

As a very personal track, Still Into You chronicles Hayley Williams’ relationship with Chad Gilbert, a member of the rock band New Found Glory. The former couple were together for over ten years, even tying the knot in 2016, though their short-lived marriage led to them eventually parting ways. While the relationship that inspired the song ended, the track continued to find success. Still Into You ranked number eight on Billboard’s Hot Rock Songs, and also received double-platinum certification. In many ways, fans of the band consider this song to be a turning point in the group’s discography since it is a step away from their previous works, marking a new chapter. With its ‘song of the summer’ vibes, the catchy track easily won over its listeners when it was first released.

Ain’t It Fun (2014)

Streams: 478 million

Written by: Hayley Williams, Taylor York

It’s no surprise that Ain’t It Fun finds a place among the most streamed Paramore songs on Spotify as it marks the beginning of the band’s recognition as one of the best pop-rock bands of all time. It was this song that won the group their first-ever Grammy Award. In the song, Williams writes about relocating from her hometown Nashville to Los Angeles, with the lyrics revolving around the themes of maturity and growing up. Thanks to the popularity of the song, the band has performed it on stage on several occasions, and during their The Self-Titled Tour, they performed this song alongside a gospel choir. This track has also been a part of Paramore’s Eras tour setlist.

The Only Exception (2010)

Streams: 462 million

Written by: Hayley Williams, Josh Farro

This song is truly an exception given that it is a slower number compared to the band’s other songs. Its sentimental lyrics are what make it one of the best songs of Paramore. Williams’ vocals stand out in this ballad-esque track that talks about the power of love and the protagonist’s dileMMA about living with and without it. At the Edinburgh performance of the Eras tour, Hayley performed The Only Exception and left Swifties in an emotional haze. The moving performance was full of nostalgia for Paramore fans who greatly enjoyed Williams’ rendition of the decade-old track, as well as her mesmerising vocals.

Hard Times (2017)

Streams: 431 million

Written by: Hayley Williams, Taylor York

This Paramore track has traces of the band’s signature musical stylings and is close to the arrangements of Ain’t It Fun. A part of their fifth album After Laughter, Hard Times combines alternative rock and synth-pop genres to make a song that leaves a lasting impact. Every Paramore fan has this song on their playlist, and hence, it is among the most-streamed songs of the band. Not only did the song become immensely popular; its music video, which seemed to capture an 80s vibe, was also well received. As of 2024, the music video has garnered 136 million views. This song was also the first track on Paramore’s Eras tour setlist in Edinburgh, and Williams sang a lovely mashup of Hard Times with Blondie’s Heart Of Glass at the concert.

That’s What You Get (2007)

Streams: 277 million

Written by: Hayley Williams, Josh Farro, Taylor York

Ask any pop rock fan and this Paramore song will certainly feature on their list of favourite songs. That’s What You Get was a part of Paramore’s second album, Riot! and still remains one of their best songs today. While many Paramore songs have been a part of video Game soundtracks, this song was popularly used in the Game Rock Band 2. The song’s iconic guitar riff and Hayley Williams’ raspy vocals make this a signature Paramore track, and for any new fan of the band, this is a must-listen.

All I Wanted (2009)

Streams: 275 million

Written by: Hayley Williams

For a long time after its release, All I Wanted was left out of Paramore’s setlists for concerts given its difficult vocals. In 2022, the band performed it live for the first time in a memorable performance at the When We Were Young Fest. The breakup song, which was written by Williams, conveyed her feelings from the time when she was in a relationship with her former husband, Chad Gilbert. It captures her feelings of separation and insecurity over losing him at a time when he was on tour. Thanks to the heartfelt lyrics and Williams’ magical vocals, it is one of the most-streamed songs of Paramore.

Decode – Twilight Soundtrack version (2008)

Streams: 271 million

Written by: Hayley Williams, Josh Farro, Taylor York

The Twilight x Paramore crossover remains iconic and the song that made it happen was Decode. Featuring on the soundtrack of one of the most popular teenage fantasy films of its time, the song received global success. Singer Hayley Williams believed that the lyrics perfectly conveyed the tension between protagonists Bella and Edward’s relationship. The emo rock track also earned a Grammy nomination and bagged a Teen Choice Award. Undoubtedly one of Paramore’s most famous songs, it has been performed live on several occasions, and was also included in their opening acts for Eras tour.

Ignorance (2009)

Streams: 265 million

Written by: Hayley Williams, Josh Farro

At the time of its release, Ignorance managed to win over fans with its alternative rock vibe and was dubbed as one of the band’s best songs. Most Paramore playlists rank this track on the top spot and a major reason for it is Williams’ moody vocals combined with its energetic beats. Over the years, Ignorance has also found a place among the most famous modern rock songs of all time. Thanks to the intense drumming, this Paramore song forces you to indulge in head-banging, like every true rock fan.

CrushCrushCrush (2007)

Streams: 233 million

Written by: Hayley Williams, Josh Farro

The catchy track is known to be one of the Paramore songs with the best guitar riffs of all time. Featured on several video Games and also on an episode of NCIS, this song also went on to win the Teen Choice Award for Choice Rock Track. The angsty teen vibe of the track feels like a nod to Canadian rocker Avril Lavigne’s music, whose early 2000s songs were recognised as the best in the punk rock genre. While this alternative rock song falls short lyrically when placed among others in their discography, it is nonetheless recognised as one of the band’s most streamed songs of all time.

(Main and featured image: Paramore/Instagram)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

– What is Paramore’s biggest hit?

Paramore’s biggest hit and most-streamed song is Misery Business which was a part of the band’s sophomore album, Riot!.

– How many total streams does Paramore have?

Paramore is a popular Punk rock American band that has over 7 billion streams on Spotify.

– How many Grammys did Paramore win in 2024?

At the 2024 Grammys, Paramore won two awards, including Best Alternative Music Performance for This Is Why, and Best Rock Album, also for This Is Why.

– What did Paramore play at the Eras Tour?

Paramore is the support act for the Europe leg of Taylor Swift’s Eras tour. Till now, the band has played some of their biggest hits at the concerts, including Misery Business, Decode, and Forgiveness.