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The Highest-Rated Psychological Thriller Movies on Netflix According to IMDB




Fancy a movie that puts you on the edge of your seat? These are the best psychological thriller movies on Netflix according to IMDB.

There’s a unique thrill in watching a film that plays with your perception, a film that makes you question everything you see and hear. Psychological thriller movies tap into our deepest fears and anxieties, exploring the hidden complexities of the human mind. And Netflix offers a treasure trove of these mind-bending movies — all with impressive IMDb ratings above 6.5. They promise unforgettable journeys into obsession, madness and the chilling power of manipulation.

What is a psychological thriller?

It is a genre of thriller that focuses on the inner turmoil, twisted motivations and fragile mental states of its characters. Unlike traditional thrillers that rely heavily on external dangers and action, psychological thrillers build suspense and terror by exploring the complexities of the human mind.

These movies on Netflix often feature unreliable narrators. The protagonist’s own perception is induced by mental illness, trauma, deliberate deception or even substance abuse, making it unreliable as well. This creates a sense of unease and doubt for the audience.

For instance, The Talented Mr. Ripley (1999) tells a chilling story of identity theft and sinister ambition. Whereas viewers witness a terrifying battle against an unknown danger in Run (2020). The haunting thriller Calibre (2018) takes audiences into the darkness of a spiralling nightmare.

The masterfully crafted 2014 mystery film Gone Girl depicts a story of obsession and dysfunctional relationships and the Spanish masterpiece of deception in God’s Crooked Lines (2022) features a private investigator who infiltrates a psychiatric hospital, only to have her own sanity thrown into question. Those who like thrillers with a futuristic twist can explore the desperate attempts to decipher a Mysterious blackout and its effect on a family in Leave the World Behind (2023).

So let yourself be consumed by the suspense of the best psychological thrillers on Netflix and unravel their mysteries. You will remember these stories long after the credits roll.

Best psychological thrillers on Netflix that will have you questioning reality