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Spotify launches Showcase for artists to promote their music




Spotify has launched a new tool called Showcase which will let artists display their music on homescreen to reach a wider audience.

Artists can choose the song or their album to show up as a mobile banner. These songs or albums can target specific audiences from 30 markets at launch.

The feature will clearly show that the banner is sponsored. Artists will be allowed to choose specific headlines for their banners. Artists can customize their campaigns to reach certain types of listeners, be it their fans or new listeners

The new feature was previously showcased at Spotify's Stream On event. This feature is one of the many to revamp the current look of the app.

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The Showcase feature has been rolled out since Tuesday. In the first round, US artists with at least 1,000 streams in the last 28 days should see Showcase appear in the campaigns tab of Spotify for Artists.