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Shiba Inu Scam Watcher Sends Critical Warning To SHIB Community




The Shiba Inu community is being targeted by another string of scam attacks aimed at profiting from unsuspecting members. As a result, the Shibaarmy Scam Alert, an X (formerly Twitter) social media handle dedicated to exposing scams, has issued a crucial warning to the entire SHIB community. 

SHIB Army Cautioned Against Phony BONE Airdrop

The Shiba Inu community is presently on high alert after the Shibarmy Scam Alert uncovered a series of phishing attacks targeting the community. On Friday, April 19, the Scam tracker issued a stern warning to community members against falling for these phishing emails. 

Reports from Shibarmy Scam Alert have indicated that these phishing emails promise fake BONE airdrops, luring unsuspecting SHIB holders to click a suspicious link with the promise of winning the airdrops. 

However, these scam emails, designed to mimic the official-looking branding, logo and tone of SHIB communications, aim to trick SHIB holders into disclosing their personal and financial information. This leaves investors vulnerable to losing their digital assets and experiencing financial setbacks. 

Typically, phishing scams occur when an attacker sends deceptive emails with links to malicious websites, aiming to steal sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, wallet address information, credit card numbers and bank account information. These scams are socially engineered to deceive crypto investors through different forms of communication. 

To safeguard the interests of Shiba Inu holders, Shibarmy Scam Alert has warned community members to never click the link or picture in these phishing emails. The scam tracker has affirmed that “there are no BONE airdrops,” and urges SHIB token holders to stay vigilant and refrain from falling prey to such scams. 

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Crypto Communities See Surge In Scam Activities 

Unfortunately, phishing emails are not the only form of scam attacks used to target unsuspecting community members. Across the diverse communities within the Cryptocurrency space, there has been a notable increase in scam activities, many coming in the form of phishing attacks, impersonation, fake company alerts or advertisements, giveaway scams and other deceptive tactics

Shiba Inu’s large and passionate community of investors and supporters makes it a prime target for these malicious scammers aiming to take advantage of innocent crypto investors and exploit their enthusiasm for illicit gains. 

Since the beginning of the year, the Shibarmy Scam Alert has uncovered more than 50 scam attempts targeting the community. This underscores the need for SHIB investors to remain Informed of any suspicious activities within the community. 

It also emphasizes the importance of exerting caution when interacting with unsolicited messages on social media from unidentified individuals. As Shibarmy Scam Alert continues to monitor the activities within the community closely, staying vigilant and reporting any suspicious activities will be essential for investors to safely and confidently navigate the market. 

Featured image from Pixabay, chart from TradingView