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Potential Crazy and Unique Celtic 24/25 Third Kit Appears Online




UPDATE: 21:30: The Kit has been found to be a fake concept kit.

Footy Headlines has ignited buzz among Celtic fans by revealing a mock-up of what could be the club’s third kit for the 2024/25 season. If the design becomes official, it promises to be one of the most distinctive Celtic jerseys in recent memory.

The proposed kit features a striking lime green colour, reminiscent of some classic alternate Celtic tops. However, it’s the unique detailing that truly sets this design apart. The shirt appears to have a four-leaf clover design radiating from the centre, creating a bold and eye-catching pattern across the jersey. This daring design is sure to spark strong opinions among supporters.

At present, the image circulating is a digitised mock-up, with no official confirmation from the club or kit manufacturer. Fans will be awaiting further details from Footy Headlines to see if this design will indeed become a reality.

As always, opinions on such bold designs are divided, and this potential kit is no exception. Some may appreciate the fresh, innovative look, while others might prefer a more traditional style.

Given the number of shirts Adidas produce during a season, this could even be a jersey that never gets worn on the pitch. Like their St Paddy’s day shirt or anniversary Lisbon shirt.

The new home shirt is already out and on sale while many believe the yellow shirt that has been doing the rounds will be the Celtic away jersey. Where will this top fit in?

Let us know what you think of the design?