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One more proof of the ancient astronauts, the mystery of the cave paintings of Tassili n’Ajjer




Tassili n’Ajjer, an Algerian national park, is located in the desert heart of the Sahara. Within its limits it houses one of the best-preserved sets of rock art today.
The famous Tassili rock carvings depicted a wide variety of beings, from humanoids to those with animal characteristics.
Despite the progress in erosion, the remaining 20% of prehistoric murals are still visible. These paintings are believed to be between 10,000 and 15,000 years old, according to the researchers.

The variety of animals found in the rugged Sahara region is amazing, including giraffes, ostriches, elephants, oxen, alligators, hippos, and even whales. This amount of animal life shows that the place must have been extremely full of life long ago; there is no doubt why the name Tassili means “Plateau between Rivers.”

In addition to the overwhelming representation of Animals in the excavations, the ancient inhabitants of the place also presented unusual strange figures. Unlike anything else known, these beings turned out to be essential to the region’s legacy.

44 years ago, the Spanish set out on a journey to the Sahara desert to investigate the Tassili cave paintings. After examining these creations, the scientists came to the conclusion that there was evidence of an interaction between extraterrestrial beings and the ancient inhabitants of the area. It seems that Earth was visited by alien forces in the past.

It has been discovered that among the images engraved by the ancients in stone there is one that represents several girls being guided towards a strange-looking vehicle.

The paintings clearly express the existence of beings that came from space, and could have changed the genetics of some creatures in search of improving humanity. Although not all of his tests worked, the results are surprising, seeing strange beasts and beings described by archeology as “mythological”.

During excavations in the region, some ancient paintings accompanied by a series of Mysterious symbols have been discovered, leading experts to speculate that a primitive writing system may have existed in the area for almost 9,000 years. This is particularly unusual since previous archaeological theory suggested that Mesopotamia was the origin of all civilization and writing.

It is impressive to find works of art dating back thousands of years, where people are shown wearing accessories and dresses that were unknown at the time because the art of spinning was not invented.

The photographs presented in this period belong to the art of round heads or elongated skulls.

The unfathomable manifestations have raised questions among members of the scientific community and have motivated a discussion among all of them.

How is it that the ancients added to their representations humanoid figures with helmets and armor when there is no evidence of having seen them on earth, according to archaeological finds? This is strange if, previously, what was reflected was the fauna of the area.

The Tassili cave paintings seem to show the daily life of the ancient inhabitants of the place. These humanoid figures that are displayed in the rock are not figments of the imagination, in some cases even strange antennae were added to their helmets.

In the remote past of humanity, many maintain that there is evidence of extraterrestrial beings that arrived on our planet. These legends are reflected in the astonishing cave drawings of Tassili, suggesting that there are stories about celestial beings that came here thousands of years ago and deeply marked the world’s ancient cultures.

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