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NYT Crossword Hints June 30 2024




Our NYT Crossword Hints for June 30, 2024 puzzle will show you how to transfer by means of the grid in case you’ve discovered your self caught on a clue. The NYT Crossword is a every day crossword that checks solvers’ data and vocabulary. It’s some of the in style crosswords on this planet, identified for its difficult clues and intelligent wordplay. The puzzle is printed within the print version of the paper and can be obtainable on-line.

NYT Crossword Hints, June 30, 2024

You’ll discover hints for the entire crossword clues for the NYT Crossword on 6/30/24. The clues are listed under, and you may click on/faucet on a clue to go to its web page for extra element, together with definitions, however in case you don’t need to be instantly spoiled, you possibly can reveal letter by letter to nonetheless supply your self extra of a problem earlier than revealing the complete answer.

  • 1A. Say “One other beauty of me …,” say

  • 5A. Baltimore squad, casually

  • 10A. Turkic tongue

  • 15A. “I will return shortly,” in shorthand

  • 18A. Expertise

  • 19A. Shapeshift

  • 20A. Emirati’s neighbor

  • 21A. Feast typically concluded with haupia (coconut pudding)

  • 22A. *Getaway driver’s plan, clearly?

  • 24A. Wishes

  • 25A. Octopus’s octet

  • 26A. Staple of ’80s pop

  • 27A. Graphing calculator button

  • 28A. *”She certain runs quick!”?

  • 30A. “Human beef” and “Rooster pox pie” on a menu, one hopes

  • 32A. Preps for framing, as a photograph

  • 33A. The place fairy story creatures typically dwell

  • 34A. *Captain and 9 crew members?

  • 37A. Bust

  • 38A. Ones residing a lavish life-style, in slang

  • 41A. Movie unit

  • 42A. Like braids and a few breads

  • 45A. *Jaded miner’s comment?

  • 47A. Preferring platonic relationships, informally

  • 48A. Phrases after “Mamma mia!” in “Bohemian Rhapsody”

  • 50A. Bhagavad ___ (Hindu scripture)

  • 51A. *Coke-ette?

  • 56A. Sandy springs

  • 57A. What a pity

  • 59A. Actual ___

  • 60A. *Actress Kendrick, when showing in smaller movies?

  • 62A. Time of 1’s life

  • 63A. Carry out higher than

  • 65A. Like yesterday’s bread, in contrast with immediately’s

  • 67A. Core elements?

  • 70A. *PC-sensitive, in a method?

  • 74A. Day earlier than domingo

  • 77A. One in every of a number of named in a will

  • 79A. The identical

  • 80A. *”You understand this can be a silent meditation, proper?”

  • 82A. Cornucopia, primarily

  • 83A. Floral brew

  • 85A. Ring name, for brief

  • 86A. *Thought of shopping for that backyard software?

  • 90A. Topic of a typical phobia

  • 93A. Taiwanese tech firm

  • 94A. Unswayable

  • 95A. Apparent identify for a pet lion

  • 96A. *”Wait … can we not play this in F sharp as an alternative?”

  • 98A. River in a traditional dad joke

  • 99A. Landlocked African nation

  • 101A. Fast-cooking noodles

  • 102A. *”Mm-hmm, get slightly nearer”?

  • 106A. When doubled, a rebuke

  • 107A. Spanish wine area

  • 111A. “Bought it”

  • 112A. What a glass of chilly water kinds on a scorching day

  • 113A. *Dad or mum’s encouragement to a budding chef?

  • 115A. Field

  • 116A. Inspiration for the jokes on this puzzle’s theme

  • 117A. Historic area bordering the Aegean Sea

  • 118A. Extra

  • 119A. Sassy retort

  • 120A. Rulers used to make many crosswords?

  • 121A. Like a very good day for kite-flying

  • 122A. Miffed

  • 1D. Two halves of a platonic complete

  • 2D. Rely

  • 3D. Immeasurably very long time

  • 4D. Just like the “h” in “hat,” to a linguist

  • 5D. Response to listening to all of the gory particulars

  • 6D. Campfire remnant

  • 7D. Paul ___, Hungarian mathematician with over 1,500 printed papers

  • 8D. Composer’s numbered piece

  • 9D. It is a library!

  • 10D. Particularly

  • 11D. Hoard

  • 12D. Black and ___ (beer cocktails)

  • 13D. Like Gandhi

  • 14D. Meat-filled puff

  • 15D. Frowned-upon sound

  • 16D. Approach up

  • 17D. Phrase with physique or work

  • 21D. Efficiently nested, say

  • 23D. Actor Matthew of “The People”

  • 28D. Ticked off

  • 29D. Creator Émile

  • 31D. Zip

  • 32D. Sheep product

  • 34D. Public transportation choice round Hong Kong

  • 35D. Haunting

  • 36D. Eye-catching shades

  • 37D. German article

  • 38D. Heckles, in a method

  • 39D. Poker motion

  • 40D. Lengthy-necked instrument

  • 43D. Within the model of

  • 44D. South Asian

  • 46D. Zip

  • 49D. V-six or V-twelve?

  • 52D. Determine skater Midori

  • 53D. Like Mecca and Medina

  • 54D. Satisfaction : lion :: raft : ___

  • 55D. Poker motion

  • 57D. Cloisonné approach

  • 58D. Nineteen Nineties health craze

  • 60D. “Invisible Cities” writer Calvino

  • 61D. Poet who wrote “Behold the duck / It doesn’t cluck”

  • 64D. Bordeaux purple

  • 66D. Zodiac animal that spells one other in case you change its final letter to “t”

  • 67D. Lengthy

  • 68D. Gloating winner’s exclamation

  • 69D. What surfers and guitarists can do, in slang

  • 71D. Genie’s present

  • 72D. “___ and the Bee” (2006 movie)

  • 73D. Double-knotted, say

  • 75D. Depart behind

  • 76D. Harmonious, in a method

  • 78D. Put in hurt’s method

  • 80D. Unhappy trombone sound

  • 81D. Cause for an R ranking

  • 84D. Supply of confidence

  • 87D. Sure camarade

  • 88D. Fish whose left eye migrates to its proper aspect because it ages (!?)

  • 89D. Unity

  • 91D. “Eureka!”

  • 92D. Whole

  • 93D. They could be striped at ice cream retailers

  • 97D. Sub

  • 99D. Chest materials

  • 100D. Padlock components

  • 101D. What’s left of the Colosseum

  • 102D. A vacationer might have one

  • 103D. “Sunday NFL Countdown” airer

  • 104D. Evaluation of a scenario

  • 105D. Hindu god of loss of life

  • 106D. 10 hundos

  • 108D. The place the Nobel Peace Prize is introduced

  • 109D. “Belle de ___,” 1967 Catherine Deneuve movie

  • 110D. Poker motion

  • 113D. Freak out

  • 114D. Elided settlement

We additionally suggest making an attempt your hand on the NYT Mini Crossword, which is certainly simpler (on all days!) as it’s a 5×5, in comparison with the full-sized crossword (which is 15×15, and the Sunday version is 21×21!). New crosswords are launched at 10PM ET on weekdays and 6PM ET on weekends.

The New York Occasions crossword was first printed in The New York Occasions in 1942 and has been a every day characteristic ever since. It’s identified for its excessive stage of issue and for its intelligent, typically playful, clues and themes. The puzzles vary in measurement from 15×15 grids on weekdays to bigger 21×21 grids on Sundays, with various ranges of issue.

Interior Nyt Crossword 002

The New York Occasions crossword is created by a staff of expert puzzle constructors and editors, who work to make sure that every puzzle is each entertaining and difficult for solvers. The puzzles are sometimes themed, with clues and solutions associated to a selected topic or idea, and so they incessantly characteristic wordplay and puns.

NYT Crossword (Main Grid)
Picture by way of NYT Crossword

Fixing the New York Occasions crossword has turn out to be a beloved pastime for a lot of, and there are even comPetitions and Golf equipment dedicated to crossword puzzle fixing. The New York Occasions crossword is on the market in print within the newspaper and on-line, and it has a devoted following of loyal solvers who eagerly await every day’s puzzle.

Should you’re nonetheless struggling to resolve your NYT crosswords, think about practising with the Eugene Sheffer and Thomas Joseph dailies first. Should you’re on the lookout for equally difficult crosswords, we suggest the WSJ Crossword and LA Occasions Crossword.