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Next-Level Networking: Small Businesses Embrace Unique Business Card Strategies




Business cards have become a popular promotional material that sells a brand in a subtle way. No matter the flyers, posters, banners, and flags you use, a professionally designed business card is a required advertising material for your business.

However, there are a few outstanding ideas that will help make your organization’s Business card exceptional. Take a moment to digest the strategies you’re about to learn in this article.

Top-notch Business Card Ideas for Small Business

There are literally thousands of business card samples all over the internet. However, it’s important to have the ability to spot samples that stand out. Here are a few exceptional business card ideas for your small business.

Gradient/Blur designs

Conventional business cards are usually plain; hence, they may not be so attractive when handed to prospects. Using gradient/blur designs give your business card a unique, captivating and dreamy touch. In fact, the look will definitely make your prospects hold on to it.

Creative shapes

Again, regular business cards often come in rectangular shapes with straight edges on all four sides. However, creative shapes like zigzag or rounded edges can make your business card stand out among others, especially among competitors within your industry.


Artistic illustrations and patterns can also make a business card stand out too. This is mostly for businesses in the fashion and art industries. However, they must be as moderate as possible. You may want to try out some unique patterns or handmade artistic illustration to make your business card unconventional and attractive.

Eye-catching color combo designs

Prospects seem to attach more value to colored business cards than regular plain white business cards.

In fact, potential customers tend to hold a beautiful and colorfully designed business card 10x longer than its plain counterpart. So, ensure to leverage amazing colors for your business card design.

Letterpress printing

A letterpress printing gives a touch of luxury to your business card with texture and inked artwork. It typically makes an inked imprint on the business card. This is different from other business cards that are just printed directly.

Magnetic business cards

Magnetic business cards are an alternative to conventional paper cards. This design incorporates a magnetic strip behind on the card, which makes it stick seamlessly to metal surfaces. Virtually every prospect would definitely keep this card for a long time.

Powerful Business Card Design Tips

Irrespective of the business card design idea or pattern you choose, observing the tips below will help your design come out excellently and achieve the goal you have in mind.

Choose the right shape

Business cards come in various shapes and sizes. Therefore, ensure to select the ideal shape and size for your Business. If you run a corporate organization, you need something more professional and simple.

However, if you run a fashion brand or art gallery, you may want to choose something a bit creative and eye-catching. Nonetheless, try as much as possible to be moderate in the style and size you choose. Remember, it’s a business card and not a flyer or poster.

Maintain color theory

Colors speak! They’re powerful if rightly applied to a business card. So, you may want to spend ample time selecting the ideal colors that represent your brand’s identity and convey your message pictorially.

For instance, if you deal in luxury products, a mixture of white and gold can do justice to your business card. Meanwhile, most real estate business cards are designed with blue and white. In any case, just take your time to select the colors that speak your language.

Use legible and professional typography

While it’s okay to express your creativity when designing your business card, keep in mind that the most important part of the card is your organization’s details. Therefore, ensure to apply simple, clear, and easy-to-read fonts for your texts.

While areas such as your business name and registration number may be relatively bold, other information, like your office address, phone number/email, etc., should be written with a smaller font size.

Briefly outline your services

Although this isn’t a flyer, poster, or banner, you may want to steal a small space on your business card and briefly outline your services.

There’s no need to be too detailed in this aspect because the card will eventually lead the prospect to visit your website or office for more information about your organization.

Incorporate a QR code

These days, people prioritize time management; hence, they’ll appreciate systems that help them ease the manner in which they access their needs.

So, you may want to incorporate a QR code that leads to your website on your business card to enhance the speed of accessing further information about your organization.

Attach your social media handles

Virtually every prospect you meet has a social media account either on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Therefore, if your organization is active on any social media platform, ensure to attach all your social media handles. This will enhance the ease of connecting with your brand online.

Structure your information

Sometimes, the plethora of information and other elements you need to fuse into your Business card can be somehow overwhelming. However, carefully structuring the content will help you maintain a professional design with consistency. In addition, leveraging already-designed Business card templates will help ease the process so that you can save time and energy.

Print in excellent quality

Finally, what is a professionally designed business card with poor printing quality? It may just be good for the waste bin out there.

So, to avoid prospects throwing off your organization’s business card, ensure to use the best printing quality possible. This is where HelloPrint comes in to help complement the fantastic design you’ve created.

Final Words

Designing a Business card, especially for amateur graphics designers, may be somehow daunting at first. But you don’t need to worry as there are thousands of Business card samples from which you can gather ideas on the internet.

Also, an already-designed business card template might just be what you need to get started. So, you don’t have any issues at all. Lastly, while you dedicate ample time to creating your excellent business card, make plans to get the final printout from the best printing center in the world.