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Rare 6-Legged Puppy Faces Public Hate After Some Say She Should Not Be “Saved”




The staff at Oklahoma City’s Neel Veterinary Hospital were holed up in the facility for 72 hours as they waited for a brutal storm to blow over.

But just as the weather calmed down, they found an extremely rare 6-legged puppy in their midst, which was nothing less than a miracle!

Skipper the Border Collie-Australian Shepherd mix was 11 ounces when she was brought to the vet staff.

She was born with a congenital condition that basically duplicated all her organs from waist down, and this left her with 2 tails, 2 pelvic regions, 2 lower urinary tracts, and 2 reproductive systems.

As puppies like her rarely survive, she was rejected by her mama right after her birth.

The vets believe that Skipper’s extra parts can be attributed to conjoining disorders from the fetus’ failed attempt to split into a twin.

Puppies born with such deformities perish within hours of birth, but Skipper’s progress has been incredible!

Not only were her duplicate organs Healthy and functioning well, she also had relaxed mobility with zero signs of pain or discomfort.

Skipper already has a family to take care of her and she has been growing normally over her first 10 days.

While her extra legs give her good stability, she might need some physical therapy to help her get used to walking on her extra limbs.

Meanwhile, her family is supporting her limb development through a wide range of motion exercises.

With regular vet monitoring and care, Skipper has a real shot at living a normal life – which would be a revolutionary feat in the canine world.

But despite her encouraging progress, some people are not in favor of letting her live. They are convinced a puppy with such abnormalities must be put down, even when she is living a complication-free life at the moment.

Despite the negativity thrown at Skipper by some, an expert team of vets has vowed to learn more about her condition to help her live the best life possible.

We thank all the wonderful people who have believed in Skipper and have given her a chance to thrive against all odds. We wish her the best of luck for the future!

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