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New VR Gaming Token 5thScape Hits $1.5m in ICO




Virtual reality (VR) gaming is heating up in the crypto world, with related tokens gaining popularity.

Within that space, 5thScape (5SCAPE) raised a staggering $1.5 million during its ongoing token sale. This impressive milestone signals investors are becoming increasingly interested in 5thScape’s vision of blockchain-powered universes.

5thScape Presale Electrifies Crypto Market with $1.5m Raise

5thScape’s move into crypto-based VR gaming is picking up steam, as evidenced by the $1.5 million already raised from investors during the platform’s ongoing ICO.

The presale is structured across 12 price tiers, with 5SCAPE’s price gradually climbing from a low of $0.00187 in the opening round to $0.0087 by the final tier.

This setup incentivizes early participation while still allowing later investors to get exposure.

During the current stage, investors can snap up 5SCAPE tokens for just $0.00215 each – a 15% increase from the previous tier’s price.

However, that favorable rate won’t last as the ICO continues its upward trajectory towards the $15 million hard cap.

Once the ICO wraps up, 5thScape’s team has already confirmed plans for 5SCAPE to debut on major crypto exchanges.

Helping boost the hype even more, 5thScape’s smart contracts have also completed a full audit by blockchain security firm Coinsult.

This independent verification ensures the tokenomics are appropriately structured from a technical standpoint.

5thScape’s ICO has even caught the attention of popular iNFLuencers like YouTuber Michael Wrubel, who touted the project’s potential to his 311,000 subscribers.

5SCAPE Will Blur Reality and Immersive VR Worlds

5thScape’s team is dreaming big by aiming to create fully immersive virtual reality gaming experiences.

The platform is laser-focused on pioneering an entire ecosystem for VR and AR gaming, content, and hardware – all powered by blockchain tech.

Rather than just releasing some VR Games and calling it a day, 5thScape’s ambitions extend to developing an entire suite of AAA titles designed specifically for virtual reality.

These include MMA-themed offerings like Cage Conquest and racing Games like Thrust Hunter.

But the developers aren’t stopping at VR software alone.

Instead, they are going full tilt by creating cutting-edge VR gaming hardware, including a sleek headset and an AR gaming chair.

Powering this entire virtual gaming realm is 5thScape’s native 5SCAPE token, which will be used to access games, make in-app purchases, and incentivize third-party development via a custom-built marketplace.

The more 5SCAPE tokens that users hold, the deeper they can dive into this blockchain-based multiverse.

It’s an incredibly ambitious undertaking – but one that’s got the crypto community buzzing so far.

Solid Tokenomics & Growing VR Demand Fuel 5thScape’s Early Success

While 5thScape’s vision for blockchain-powered virtual worlds is lofty, the project has implemented tokenomics designed to incentivize widespread adoption.

Of the 5.21 billion total 5SCAPE supply, a hefty 80% has been allocated to the ongoing ICO.

This has allowed investors to get in on the ground floor at discounted prices before exchange listings occur.

Beyond the ICO allocation, 5SCAPE tokens are also earmarked for liquidity, development, marketing, and community staking rewards.

5thScape’s whitepaper reveals a well-thought-out tokenomics model, showcasing the team’s dedication to creating a sustainable ecosystem.

Analysts at Grand View Research predict the VR gaming segment alone could grow into a $109 billion industry by 2030 as the Technology becomes more accessible.

With the metaverse becoming more intertwined with blockchain and crypto, 5thScape wants to position itself to be a disruptive force.

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