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Meta tests cross-posting from Facebook to Threads




Meta Platform is reportedly testing out cross-platform posting, allowing Facebook users to simultaneously post on Threads, a feature available for Instagram and Threads posts.

While the company confirmed it was testing out the feature, it was limited to iOS applications and excluded EU. The feature will allow users to share both text and link posts from Facebook to Threads. The integration creates seamless posting for content creators, while encouraging Facebook users to also try out Threads.

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The feature was spotted by Threads user, @whimchic (Ljiljana Grujicic) who tested out the feature on her profile. The post, however, didn't include any account information from Facebook or a flag that it was cross-posted.

Previously, Threads users were annoyed when they discovered their Threads post were automatically being shared on Facebook and Instagram without their approval, prompting Meta to introduce an option to share cross-share posts.