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Lamz.The Ultimate Gold Hunt: Ted, Lecky, and Tyler’s Grueling 38°C Adventure Pays Off with a $15,000 Find




On the journey of exploring the gold mining regions in the town of Kalgoorlie, we have the opportunity to accompany Ted and Lecky Marnie – a cross-functional gold mining team in this area. This time, they are not alone but accompanied by their daughter, Tyler, creating an adventurous exploration full of excitement and challenges.

To achieve their ambitious goal of finding 60 ounces in this season, Ted, Lecky, and Tyler Mahoney have decided to embark on a new and daring venture: the Salt Lake, a remote location where temperatures often exceed 45 degrees Celsius. They are striving to unearth more than $15,000 worth of gold!

Follow along in the video below to witness their journey

Introduction of Prospectors: Ted and Lecky Marnie, a husband and wife prospecting team, are joined by their daughter Tyler on a gold mining adventure in Kalgoorlie.

Challenges Faced: The team faces challenges, including a target of finding 60 ounces of gold for the season, extreme temperatures exceeding 38 degrees Celsius, and the need to replace Ted’s aging four-wheel drive.

Unconventional Location: The team decides to focus their efforts on a remote salt lake, an unusual location for gold hunting, where temperatures can reach 45 degrees Celsius. They adapt their equipment with salt coils to counteract electromagnetic interference.

Struggles and Success: The prospectors encounter difficulties in the harsh conditions, battling false targets, intense heat, and wind. However, they eventually find a significant gold nugget, making the challenges worthwhile.

Notable Finds: Tyler discovers a beautiful gold nugget on the salt lake, while Lecky uncovers a substantial nugget on their bushland lease. The total gold find weighs over 15,000 dollars, providing a successful start to the season.


But in the end, the difficulties and challenges did not dim the determination and patience of this gold mining team. The synergy of strategic intelligence, professional equipment, and team spirit has taken them to places few dare to venture – onto a pristine salt lake. The unexpected results, such as the discovery of significant gold nuggets, not only bring innovation to their endeavors but also prove that any challenge, no matter how formidable, can be overcome with determination and perseverance