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Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour Takes Scotland by Stoгm: Edinburgh Braces for the Ultimate Spectacle. nobita




Taylor Swift will make History tonight as she kicks off the biggest pop shows in Scottish History.

Swift, 34, will arrive in Scotland to perform for 3.5 hours this evening as part of her £1billion world tour.

It is the first of three sold-out shows at Edinburgh’s Scottish Gas Murrayfield stadium, which will be attended by 220,000 supporters.

The Tortured Poets Department hitmaker, who last played Scotland at Glasgow’s Hydro venue in 2015, told The Record: “Every time I play Scotland it really feels like I’m coming home the House. »

Taylor Swift Eras Scotland tour as Edinburgh prepares for the biggest show on earth

Fans flocked to the Scottish capital to watch Swift’s performance, described as the “tour of a generation”.

For each concert, she will perform 46 of her most beloved songs from 10 albums from her 18-year career and make 16 outfit changes.

One fan, Ellie Poulter, 19, queued 48 hours before tonight’s show.

Taylor Swift Eras Scotland tour as Edinburgh prepares for the biggest show on earth

“I think I was the first person to start camping,” she said.

“I think people are going to camp because people have been lining up for two nights to see the shows in Paris.

“So I thought I’d go camping about a week before, but ended up no one else was doing it, so I figured two days would be enough.

“I had a tent and I brought a quilt, that was all, not my clothes. I had nothing and I didn’t prepare anything.

“I have a hotel for the night of the show, so I’m going to bring everything there and get ready, so I don’t have anything with me.”

Ellie, from Oxford, added: “I’m so excited. I’ve been waiting for this for a year.

“I’m excited about the surprise songs, but I’m even more excited about Reputation because it’s my favorite album.

“I would be a mess. I cried watching the movie in the theater so I’ll probably freak out when it comes out.”

The superstar’s performances are expected to bring in £80 million in revenue to the local economy.

Taylor Swift Eras Scotland tour as Edinburgh prepares for the biggest show on earth

Edinburgh hotels have seen a surge in bookings. Bars and restaurants offer Swiftie-themed cocktails and menus to attract tourists.

Lord Lieutenant of the City of Edinburgh, Robert Aldridge, said: “On behalf of the city and people of Edinburgh, I am delighted to welcome Taylor Swift to Scotland and its capital.

“These shows are set to be some of the biggest and most spectacular the country has ever seen and are expected to inject tens of millions of pounds into our city’s economy.

“While we take great pride in hosting the biggest and best events and want everyone who attends to have a great experience, it is important that we are aware that residents live here all year round.

“We ask visitors to be respectful and considerate when enjoying our beautiful city and all it has to offer.

“We have published advice for residents, Businesses and visitors on our website and I encourage everyone to take a look.

“This weekend’s concerts mark the start of an incredible cultural summer in the capital, with our world-famous festivals just around the corner.

Fans have been gathering outside the stadium since Wednesday morning to purchase tour merchandise before the shows, which will only add to the tour’s incredible revenue.

Items on sale include hoodies priced at £70, T-shirts for £40, bracelets for £30 and handbags for £25.

American student Julia Baldwin, 21, who is in her final year at Edinburgh University and has never met her favorite singer, spent £1,300 on tickets to the three shows at Murrayfield.

“Many people say they suffer from concert amnesia, meaning they don’t remember the show when they go home.

“It’s something I want to remember, so I think if I go a few times, by the third night I’ll be a little more relaxed and I’ll remember everything.”

By the end of the tour, Swift will have performed 152 Eras shows in 54 cities around the world, including shows in Liverpool and Cardiff as well as eight concerts at Wembley Stadium, with all tickets selling out almost immediately.

This dwarfs anything that has come before in terms of scale and revenue for a music event.

Swift also broke a Ticketmaster record with more than 2.4 million tickets sold – the most by an artist in a single day – in pre-sales alone.

Outlander star Sam Heughan, 44, was one of the celebrities arriving at Murrayfield.

The Scottish actor, from Balmaclellan in Dumfries and Galloway, joked that he was considering taking Swift away from Travis Kelce, her American Footballer boyfriend from the Kansas City Chiefs.

Taking to social media, he said: “We’re going to see Taylor Swift perform in Scotland and I think most of the cast will be there.

“Obviously she doesn’t know, but when she comes to Scotland and sees me in the audience, she’ll forget all about him.

“How can she resist? You know, she’s going to get rid of him and take me out. I’m really excited.”

Ticket holders granted an early entry briefing will be able to enter the venue via their reserved turnstiles from 3 p.m.

The stadium will open to the general public at 4 p.m.

Hospitality ticket holders will have dedicated turnstile lanes and will also be able to enter the stadium from 4 p.m.

The show will begin at 6 p.m. with support band Paramore before the big and long-awaited performance.

Taylor will drink ginger shots and prepare her IV to ensure she has enough energy to meet the demands of her marathon contracts.

And a major police operation is underway to allow revelers to enjoy their stay safely in the capital over the weekend.

Director David Happs said: “A comprehensive and appropriate policing plan has been put in place ahead of Taylor Swift’s concert at Murrayfield Stadium in Edinburgh on Friday 7th, Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th June.

“We are working closely with the event organizer and a number of other stakeholders, including the organizers and Edinburgh City Council, to ensure public safety and minimize disruption to residents. Edinburgh.”

ScotRail has added a late-night service for concert-goers.