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Kourtney Kardashian shocks fans with raunchy story about ‘swallowing’ after boasting about love life with Travis Barker




KOURTNEY Kardashian has left fans gobsmacked as she shared tasteless tales about “gulping” in the wake of flaunting about her Sєxual coexistence with life partner Travis Barker. The couple has been open about their Sєxual life, sharing pH๏τos of spiked handcuffs, doing a lot of PDA, and making other sultry comments.

However, when the bride-to-be detailed the advantages of “swimming” on her Health and wellness website Poosh, fans were still taken aback. Kourtney wrote about the inappropriate subject, ” We would never encourage anyone to do anything that their hearts, minds, and bodies do not consent to, and neither do we want anyone to feel uneasy after their next Sєxy encounter.

“However, for those who do feel comfortable with the idea and even find a little thrill in it, we thought we’d put out the possible benefits of, gulp, yes, swallowing semen.” The media personality then listed a few benefits of oral Sєx, though it may not be for everyone.

Poosh said that these included enhancing your sleep, lowering the risk for pregnant women, and elevating your mood.

The three-parent mother added: Even though you might look elsewhere for the advantages of consuming a lot, if the practice makes you feel like you’ve accomplished something, there might be something in it for you.
“However, we do wish to be clear: while men might have their inclinations on what is a penis mᴀssage great, most are simply blissful you made an appearance to the shift by any means. “Don’t be afraid to ask for better conditions and compensation. We’ll allow you to call.”

Kourtney’s brag about her wild Sєx life was followed by a post about “Sєxy sleepwear” that she published. After repeatedly hinting at their antics in the bedroom, the 42-year-old had fans beg her to cut the TMI.