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Kendall Jenner trolled for ‘finally learning how to hold her own umbrella’




Fans reminded Kendall Jenner that they didn’t “forget” about an employee holding an umbrella for her after she was pH๏τographed doing it herself.

Don’t you dare rain on her parade.

Kendall Jenner seemingly poked fun at the people who slammed her for asking her bodyguard to hold an umbrella for her.

The model, 27, took to Instagram Stories to repost a pic where she walked in the rain while holding — yes indeed — a black umbrella.

In the pic originally posted by Forward, a fashion brand, she rocked a knee-length denim dress and black rain boots while flashing a smile at the paps.

Internet trolls immediately took to the comment section to applaud her for “finally learning how to hold her own umbrella,” as one comment put it.

“LMAOO NOW SHES HOLDING HER OWN UMBRELLA PLSSS,” a second person commented while a third joked, “A responsive queen! 😭”

One last person added, “Lol we ain’t forget.”

Just a few weeks ago, Jenner had been pH๏τographed with a man holding an umbrella over her head.

In the pH๏τos, Jenner stayed dry in a sweatshirt and leggings while the man, who appeared soaking wet, escorted her to and from her car.

enner’s apparent inability to shield herself from the rain sparked outrage from fans, calling the model “out of touch.”

“I don’t care how rich I am but I would feel so bad letting someone hold my umbrella for me while they are getting soaked,” someone wrote on Reddit.

“She really thinks she deserves this treatment,” another user added.

However, other Kar-Jenner fans supported the reality star —highlighting that the employee was getting paid.

“Gave someone a job… I’m not opposed,” one fan argued.

“I mean it’s definitely a weird job but as long as he’s being paid fairly for it then I don’t [have] a problem,” someone else pointed out.

This isn’t the first time the model has caused a stir on social media for her detached lifestyle.

Jenner made headlines last year after revealing she didn’t know how to cut a cucumber and needed the family’s personal chef to help her out.

After getting flamed on social media, the model ultimately had the last laugh when she dressed up as the fruit for Halloween.