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Joey Yung’s Net Worth and the Luxurious Assets Owned by the Cantopop Queen




Almost thirty years after her debut, Joey Hung remains one of the richest Hong Kong celebrities – building an unsurpassable legacy that continues to inspire us all. If you’re curious to know Joey Yung’s net worth portfolio – her investments, brand deals, most expensive assets, luxury purchases and more, look no further. Here’s everything you need to know about how the Cantopop diva’s splurging all that wealth.

The Cantopop world isn’t short of trailblazing artists and Joey Yung Cho-yee has not only matched, but surpassed the achievements of some of the most successful singers Hong Kong has ever witnessed. Being in the spotlight since 1996, Joey Yung has amassed massive wealth with her musical talents, smart investments, brand collaborations and more.

What is Joey Yung’s net worth?

joey yung net worth
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According to South China Morning Post (via Today Online), Joey Yung’s net worth stands at USD 64 million as of 2023. This makes her one of the five richest female Cantopop idols, standing at par with Sammi Cheng, Faye Wong, Karen Mok and Kelly Chen.

With USD 64 million, you can buy more than 1,050 Porsches or almost 1200 small islands in the Caribbean region. Now isn’t that A LOT?

Joey Yung’s net worth has also grown exponentially in the last decade. Did you know that Yung reportedly earned USD 10.3 million in 2014? Her current net worth is more than six times her 2014 earnings. This certainly implies that the singer is on a meteoric rise.

Now that we know her net worth, let’s dive into what comprises her luxury portfolio and delve into some of her most lucrative investments over the years.

Joey Yung owns 12 properties around the city


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If you even remotely follow Joey Yung, you know the star is a real estate maven who has been actively making investments over the years. According to multiple reports, she owns 12 properties around Hong Kong.

Among that dozen, her most expensive splurge is the seafront flat in Repulse Bay, which is famously called the ‘Beverly Hills of Hong Kong’ because of its glamorous appeal. According to SCMP, Yung spent a whopping USD 25 million (HK$200 million) on the flat.

She also owns a property in a luxury flat complex known as Harbour One in Shek Tong Tsui. This neighbourhood is also home to Yung’s label mate and close friend Gillian Chung. Both Chung and Yung purchased the 1,700 sq ft homes in 2010 for USD 3.4 million each.

Apart from this, the star also owned a low-floor apartment at Park Haven condo in Causeway Bay, which was bought for USD 1.97 million (HKD 11.35 million). She recently sold it for around USD 1.78 million (HKD 10.25 million), according to data from Hong Kong’s Land Registry. Additionally, she also has two connecting flats called The Legend at Jardine’s Lookout, Hong Kong.

According to a 2021 report by the South China Morning Post, Yung’s real estate amounted to USD 40 million – a figure which has definitely grown since.

Her successful Cantopop career


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One of Hong Kong’s most iNFLuential celebrities, Joey Yung is dubbed as the ‘Queen of Cantopop’. The power vocalist has delivered smashing hits throughout her career, including My Pride and A Time for Us, See Me Fly, Pretty Crazy and more.

Till 2004, Joey had released more than 20 albums, including Cantonese albums and Mandarin albums, and performed more than 12 concerts before millions of people. Yung also created History by becoming the first female Chinese singer to perform at the Royal Albert Hall in London in 2011. In her illustrious career, Yung has won several notable awards including the JSG Most Popular Female Singer and Ultimate Best Female Singer – Gold awards a record-breaking nine times.

Yung seems to have forayed into every Entertainment avenue, including acting. She has been a part of many films and TV shows, including the Jackie Chan-led action-drama Ride On, the Cantonese dubs of Toy Story 3, Zootopia, and more.

The star’s luxury handbag collection

joey yung
image credit: yungchoyee/ Instagram

If you know Joey Yung, you know she’s a sartorial queen who boasts a massive luxury handbag collection. She once took to an e-commerce platform to share her top picks: flaunting a trail of mini-sized bags from luxury frontrunners.

Yung switched to mini bags as she grew older, as she now only carries her essentials. Her collection comprised multiple Louis Vuitton minis – one of which was a gift from her friend Chung – two Hermès, multiple Diors and her personal favourite, the classic Jacquemus’ Le Chiquito. She owns some stunning pieces from Gucci as well.

Moreover, Yung is a Fendi girl and has collaborated with the brand multiple times. Did you know that she even partnered with Fendi to create a one-of-a-kind designer bag called the Fendi Peekaboo bag? The bag reportedly pays homage to her mother, whose name means ‘golden phoenix’ and that’s what the bag is decorated with.

The name of Joey’s mother was also engraved on a special metal tag inside the bag, to further celebrate the intimate bond between the two. The bag was later auctioned online and the proceeds from it were donated to the Hong Kong Cancer Fund. Her love for Fendi doesn’t end here. Did you know that Yung wore a Rome-inspired Fendi couture dress from the brand’s autumn/winter 2019 haute couture collection during her ‘Pretty Crazy’ concert tour that year?

joey yung
image credit: Fendi

Joey Yung’s exquisite jewellery collection


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If you get a chance to raid Yung’s closet, you’ll definitely spot many timeless jewellery pieces that scream opulence. From her red-carPet outings to concerts and events, the star is decked in creations from Chanel, Bulgari, Piaget and Celine. She has even collaborated with one of Hong Kong’s most prestigious jewellers, Emperor Watch and Jewellery to design her own ‘Heartbeat’ collection. It included everything from necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings in white gold and diamond.

Philanthropy efforts


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Lastly, her humanitarian efforts make her a beacon of inspiration for many. Joey Yung has used her massive iNFLuence to spread awareness about various humanitarian causes. She started her very own Joey Yung Charity Fund in 2015, to help the children of Hong Kong by providing them with opportunities to learn. The non-profit organisation often hosts charity art exhibitions, charity pop-ups, carnivals, and visits elderly and the underprivileged among other programs.

She reportedly auctioned her paintings during the COVID-19 crisis for children whose schooling had been disrupted by the pandemic. The funds were used to buy gadgets for children who couldn’t afford online classes.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How popular is Joey Yung?

Joey Yung is one of the most celebrated Cantopop Queens of Hong Kong. Her illustrious career spans almost three decades.

  • What is Joey Yung’s net worth?

According to South China Morning Post (via Today Online), Joey Yung’s net worth stands at USD 64 million as of 2023.