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Jason Bateman, Shakira and Patti LeBelle drop by Walt Disney World




Grammy Award winner Shakira stops by Disney’s Animal Kingdom on February 21st for the press junket for Walt Disney Animation Studios most recent film, Zootopia where she voices Gazelle (a singing superstar). She took pictures with everyone favorite mouse, Mickey and sang her song “Try Anythng” which is features in the film.

Also stopping by Disney’s Animal Kingdom on the 21st of February was Jason Bateman who is also starring in Zootopia, he is the voice of con artist fox Nick Wilde. He made sure to grab a pH๏τo with the beloved Minnie Mouse!

If you were in Disney’s Epcot park on Saturday, February 20th you may have had the pleasure of seeing Patti LeBelle, who was in the park participating in Black History Month’s collection of artists and authors who were at the American Adventure pavilion. She made sure to take time for a picture with the beautiful Minnie Mouse!