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iPhone users divided over new safety ’Check-In’ feature: ‘So thankful for this’




A new feature of the iOS 17 Apple update is being debated among iPhone users, with some labelling it as a cool safety option, while others are concerned not everyone will use it in an appropriate manner.

The new feature, known as the Check In, allows users to automatically alert family and friends when they have reached their destination.

“If you stop making progress, it checks in with you and, if you don’t respond, it shares helpful information with your friend, like the location, battery level and mobile connection status of your iPhone,” the update on Apple’s website reads.

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“Any information that is shared is end-to-end encrypted.”

The Apple user has to initiate the feature every time they want to use the function.

Some users on social media have applauded the new feature, adding they loved the peace of mind it gives if a loved one goes out.

While some Apple users ‘love the idea’ of the latest feature, others are not so convinced. Credit: Getty/Apple

“As someone who has a partner with ADHD that Travels often, I am so thankful for this,” one added.

“I love the idea of knowing when a friend or family member has gotten home safe, because often they will forget to notify anyone after a night out,” another added.

Others said they loved the idea, but hated that it was necessary.

However, others say they are worried the new feature could pose a security risk if it is not used appropriately.

Security risk?

“This can be great, but can also become really toxic,” one social media user said.

“Helpful for parents, nervous for what other people will use this for such as abusive partners,” another added.

“Seems like controlling partners could abuse this function,” a third piped in.

The new feature is now available on Apple devices with an iOS 17 update.