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I’m a vet and knowing what I know these are the five things I would never do with my own dog




A Gold Coast vet nurse has explained the five things she would never do as a Pet owner in a viral TikTok video.

Tess Nolan is a social media content creator, vet nurse and the proud mum of Daphne, a French bulldog.

WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE: The five things a vet nurse would never do with her own dog.

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With a TikTok following of more than 375,000, Nolan posted a video sharing advice on what not to do as a Pet owner, plus the reasons why.

“I’m gonna go through five things that I would never do with my own dog knowing what I know as a vet nurse,” Nolan said in the video, which received nearly 400,000 views.

Vet nurse Tess Nolan shares the five things she would never do with her French bulldog, Daphne. Credit: TikTok

#1: No collars

The first thing Nolan said she would never do is leave Daphne’s collar on unsupervised.

“I wouldn’t let her wear a collar or a bandana or anything like that around her neck while she was alone at home,” she said.

Although she didn’t explain more in her video, TikTok users in the comment section shared their reasons why they wouldn’t do this either.

The first bit of advice was to never let them wear a collar unsupervised. Credit: TikTok

“My dogs were playing together and got his collar stuck in his mouth. Lucky I was there by from that day never left a collar on them again,” one person wrote.

“We had a situation with a collar - my dog was playing with another dog and it almost ended with my dog being choked,” said another.

“The amount of damage collars do to dogs should be made more aware! Body harnesses all the way,” a third said.

#2: Keep them on a leash

Next, Nolan said she would never let Daphne walk off leash near a busy road — “or a road at all”.

“I’ve seen way too many accidents happen this way, even from the most obedient dogs,” she said in the video.

Nolan would never let Daphne near a road without a leash. Credit: TikTok

Many people in the comment section agreed with Nolan on this one.

“It’s dangerous to have dogs off leash out in the public anywhere. Anything can happen, other dogs, triggers, accidents... goes on!” someone commented.

#3: No dog parks

The third point of advice caused some divide in the comments section.

“This one’s a little bit lenient, not that I would never do it with her (Daphne),” Nolan said.

“But I would rarely ever take her to a dog park.

“The most kind of dog fights or incidents that we see come straight from the dog park.”

Lots of people agreed with the dangers of dog parks.

Her third point caused a bit of divide in the comment section. Credit: TikTok

“Dog parks are a red flag,” said one.

“I would never take my dog to a park, and that’s so sad, but due to a lot of irresponsible owners,” another wrote.

“You are trusting people who say “my dog would never...” then the dog does exactly that,” said a third.

But others weren’t totally in agreement with Nolan on this one.

“How do you socialise your puppy with other dogs if the dog park is not recommended?” one person asked.

“I take my dog to the dog park when there is one other owner there,” someone said.

#4: Don’t leave them in a car

Nolan’s next point was “an obvious one”, she said.

“I absolutely 100 per cent would never leave my dog in a hot car,” she said.

Leaving dogs in a hot car is an ‘obvious’ no-no, Nolan said. Credit: TikTok

“Even if it was for two minutes.”

RSPCA UK say when the outside temperature is 22 degrees Celsius, a car can reach up to 47C, which can cause significant harm to pets if they are left in the car.

#5: Don’t play fetch with sticks

“And another one — we would never throw sticks for our dogs,” Nolan said in her final bit of advice in the video.

Since playing fetch with sticks is an iconic image for pet-owners, some viewers were confused.

“Can you explain the not throwing sticks one?” someone asked.

“What’s the reason for not throwing sticks? Very curious about this one as I personally don’t see a problem with it,” another wrote.

Nolan said you also shouldn’t use sticks to play fetch with your dogs. Credit: TikTok

But dog owners in the comment section explained it for those who weren’t sure.

“Many dogs get sticks stuck in their mouths and need surgery to remove it or cut themselves on them,” one person said.

“My old dog ran onto a stick and had to get an inch of it removed from her soft palate. Never again,” another wrote.

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