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How to Take Spotify’s Latest K-Pop Persona Quiz to Discover Your K-Pop Role




Given the popularity that digital personality quizzes have witnessed over the past few months in the realm of social media, it should come as no surprise that the digital music streaming giant would be next to jump aboard the bandwagon with its very own K-Pop Persona Quiz.

The interactive experience was launched earlier yesterday as part of Spotify‘s ongoing efforts to promote and bolster the profile of K-Pop on a global scale through a series of online and on-ground activations, all of which are anchored by their flagship K-Pop ON! playlist that has occurred a considerable following numbering 5.4 million users. Numbers don’t lie and with the genre’s streams jumping by a staggering 360% in Southeast Asia since 2018, the region’s apPetite for content can easily be described as voracious.

How to try Spotify’s K-Pop Persona quiz

a screenshot of the title page from spotify's 'your k-pop persona' quiz test
Image credit: Lifestyle Asia KL

Accessible on their app from now to May 10th, the aptly dubbed ‘Your K-Pop Persona’ personality quiz has been described as a litmus test to ‘discover and embrace what your ideal fan role would be in a K-Pop group’. Results from the quiz are obtained from a blend of user inputs alongside Spotify’s database of music consumption habits.

Image credit: Lifestyle Asia KL
Image credit: Lifestyle Asia KL

If you’re looking to try the quiz out for yourself, all you need to do is simply tap on this link and allow the website to open the dedicated microsite on your phone’s Spotify app. Users will then be presented with a series of five questions, each serving as a means to gauge and assess your penchant for K-Pop, as well as your responses to hypothetical scenarios.

a screenshot of a questio from the spotify k-pop persona quiz test
Image credit: Lifestyle Asia KL

By collating each answer, users will then be assigned to a persona inspired by five core pillars of K-Pop membership: Main Visual serving looks galore, Main Vocal belting out runs, Main Rapper stringing verses on-beat, Main Dancer catching choreo, and of course, an up-and-coming Trainee starlet in the making.

Image credit: Lifestyle Asia KL
Image credit: Lifestyle Asia KL

Better still, Spotify users who frequent the app will even receive an additional report generated through an analysis of each user’s music listening patterns. If you resonate with your persona, don’t forget to share your photocard over social media!

From cosmic bodies to slices of dessert and now K-Pop personas, there’s no denying that online personality reports are becoming an increasingly fashionable marketing avenue. How many have you tried to date?

Feature and hero image credit: Spotify

This story first appeared on Lifestyle Asia Kuala Lumpur