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How To Pass IELTS Exam For Canada First Time 2021 (Simple And Easy)




How to pass IELTS exam for Canada is a common question people from Nigeria who would love to continue their lives in the northern part of North America are searching for.

The purpose of this article is to provide you with a piece of accurate knowledge and understanding about best way to pass IELTS exam, how to pass IELTS exam in Nigeria, how to pass IELTS exam easily, tips on how to pass IELTS exam, how to pass your IELTS exam and other related questions to pass an IELTS exam.

I already talked about 200 Top Jobs Sites In Canada, Canada Aim To Bring In 1.2 Million Immigrants In The Next 3 Years, and my last article was The 20 Best Countries To Move To For Work 2021.

The purpose of this article is to give you an easy step by step full process guide on how to pass IELTS exam for Canada and best videos to watch, questions and answers so that you can stop wasting your money on lessons. You should make sure you read to the end.

What is IELTS exam?

Before you can migrate to Canada or gain yourself a Canadian visa, you will need to demonstrate your English abilities to Canadian immigration. The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is the English test of choice for Educational organizations, professional associations and employers across Canada.

Best way to pass IELTS exam for Canada

There are two types of IELTS and am going to explain in a bit. They are Academic and General Training. Listening and Speaking are the same for both tests, but the subject matter of the Reading and Writing sections differs depending on which test you take.

Reading Syllabus The reading module consists of three passages of general interest. Questions: 40 

Duration: 30 mins

Writing Syllabus This module consists of providing information in your own words. Questions: 02 

Duration: 60mins

Listening Syllabus This module consists of a conversation on different topics. Questions: 40 

Duration: 30mins

Speaking Syllabus This module consists of testing your general speaking skills. Questions: 03 

Duration: 11-14 mins


The IELTS Academic test is for people applying for higher Education or professional registration in an English speaking environment. Check out the test format here.

General Training

The IELTS General Training test is for those who are going to English speaking countries for secondary education, work experience or training programs. It is also a requirement for migration to Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the UK. Also, check out the test format here.


The first step you should take is to determine the kind of IELTS you want and get familiar with the demands. Choose only the IELTS type that applies to your plans.

Now that you have decided to migrate to Canada from Nigeria, you will need the IELTS General Training test. Now let’s go to the next step.


You have chosen your IELTS test type for Canada immigration, you can register and pay online or download an application form to print, complete and submit to any IELTS centres in Nigeria.


Once your application has been processed, the centre will send you a written confirmation of the date and time of your test.

What you need to know about IELTS test

The IELTS test assesses your abilities in listening, reading, writing and speaking – In the total test time of 2 hours and 45 minutes.

  • The Listening, Reading and Writing sections of all IELTS tests are completed on the same day, with no breaks.
  • The Speaking section, however, can be completed up to a week before or after the other tests.

Read more about IELTS test here.

How to pass IELTS listening exam

The IELTS listening test consists of 4 sections. Before each section, you will hear some instructions and you will have the time to read the questions. Then the section will start.

Read more about the IELTS listening exam

  • Do Check Spelling and Grammar
  • Write Down Answers on the test Paper First
  • Read the Instructions and Questions very Carefully
  • Don’t focus on spelling or grammar during the listening!
  • Do not copy the answers in the breaks between sections

How to pass IELTS reading exam

The IELTS reading consists of 40 questions, designed to test a wide range of reading skills. These include reading for gist, reading for main ideas, reading for detail, skimming, understanding logical argument and recognizing writers’ opinions, attitudes and purpose.

Read more about the IELTS reading exam

  • Don’t leave any blanks
  • Use your time very carefully
  • Read. Read and Read
  • Don’t panic if you don’t know the meaning of some words
  • Check the instructions very carefully. Again

How to pass IELTS writing exam

You will be given 60 minutes to complete two writing tasks: Task 1 you will be presented with a situation and asked to write a letter requesting information, or explaining the situation. The letter may be personal, semi-formal or formal in style. Task 2 You will be asked to write an essay in response to a point of view, argument or problem. The essay can be fairly personal in style.

Read more about the IELTS writing exam

  • Don’t go off topic
  • Practice
  • Be concise.
  • Answer the question!
  • Use the appropriate writing style

How to pass IELTS speaking exam

Finally, The speaking section which assesses your use of spoken English. You will sit in front of the Examiner and Every exam is recorded: You have part 1, part 2, & part 3 have to talk for about 11–14 minutes.

Read more about the IELTS writing exam

  • Talk well
  • Don’t go off topic!
  • Keep on talking.
  • Listen before opening your mouth
  • Communicate effectively

Best youtube videos to watch for IELTS exam

Instead of wasting money for lessons to pass IELTS exam, from just watching these 5 YouTube videos you can scale from 1 (the lowest) to 9 (the highest).

  1. How to Pass IELTS in 2021 – NEW TIPS!

  2. IELTS – The 5 Step Study Plan

  3. IELTS Reading Tips and Tricks | How I got a band 8

  4. IELTS Speaking Mock Test – Band 8

  5. IELTS Speaking Test Full Part 1,2, 3 || Real Test

  6. 30 words you must AVOID in IELTS Writing

  7. IELTS for Canada PR ?? | Band 9 in first attempt | Our IELTS success story | Tips and Resources

IELTS Questions and Answers

IELTS Test consists of four modules IELTS Listening, IELTS Reading, IELTS Writing and IELTS Speaking you can download the past questions and answers below. Credit: ieltsfever

S No.  Question PDF  Answer Link 
1  IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-1-PDF Answers Test 1
2  IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-2-pdf Answers Test 2
3  IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-3-pdf  Answers Test 3
4  IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-4-pdf Answers Test 4
5  IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-practice-test-5-pdf  Answers Test 5
6  IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-6-pdf Answers Test 6
7  IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-7-pdf  AnswersTest 7
8  IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-8-pdf Answers Test 8
9  IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-9-pdf Answers Test 9
10  IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-10-pdf  Answers Test 10
11  IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-11-pdf  Answers Test 11
12  IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-12-pdf  Answers Test 12 
13  IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-13-pdf  Answers Test 13 
14  IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-14-pdf  Answers Test 14 
15  IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-15-pdf  Answers Test 15 
16  IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-16-pdf  Answers Test 16
17  IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-17-pdf  Answers Test 17 
18  IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-18-pdf  Answers Test 18 
19  IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-19-pdf  Answers Test 19
20  IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-20-pdf  Answers Test 20 
21  IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-21-pdf Answers Test 21
22  IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-22-pdf  Answers Test 22
23  IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-23-pdf  Answers Test 23
24  IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-24-pdf  Answers Test 24
25  IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-25-pdf  Answers Test 25

Question and Answers Number 26 To 50

26 IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-26-pdf Answers Test 26
27 IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-27-pdf Answers Test 27
28 IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-28-pdf Answers Test 28
29 IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-29-pdf Answers Test 29
30 IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-30-pdf Answers Test 30
31 IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-31-pdf Answers Test 31
32 IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-32-pdf Answers Test 32
33 IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-33-pdf Answers Test 33
34 IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-34-pdf Answers Test 34
35 IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-35-pdf Answers Test 35
36 IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-36-pdf Answers Test 36
37 IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-37-pdf Answers Test 37
38 IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-38-pdf Answers Test 38
39 IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-39-pdf Answers Test 39
40 IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-40-pdf Answers Test 40
41 IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-41-pdf Answers Test 41
42 IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-42-pdf Answers Test 42
43 IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-43-pdf Answers Test 43
44 IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-44-pdf Answers Test 44
45 IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-45-pdf Answers Test 45
46 IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-46-pdf Answers Test 46
47 IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-47-pdf Answers Test 47
48 IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-48-pdf Answers Test 48
49 IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-49-pdf Answers Test 49
50 IELTSFever-Academic-Reading-Practice-Test-50-pdf Answer Test 50


Prepare yourself very well for the IELTS test and your general knowledge of the English language.

Stay away from social media or anything that would distract you.

Good luck, let us know in the comment section if you have any question.

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